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A Bitfinex Review

by icosuccess
, A Bitfinex Review

Considering the growing conversations around crypto, both newcomers and veterans of the crypto space are looking for the most efficient platform to trade crypto. This piece reviews one of such platforms: Bitfinex, where we’ll offer insight into the basics of how the exchange works, shed some light on fees, security, supported currencies, trading options, and more, while summarizing with the pros and cons of this exchange.

General Info about Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a trading platform that is owned and managed by iFinex, Inc. In 2012, the exchange was launched by Raphael Nicolle with headquarters in Hong Kong.

The exchange records a high volume of trading and user activity and is considered one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Though Bitfinex is generally common with traders all over the world, the company recently decided to end services to users in the U.S. and focus on their user base in other countries.

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