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Bittrex: An In-depth Analysis

by icosuccess
, Bittrex: An In-depth Analysis

Operating since 2016, Bittrex is one of the Internet’s biggest cryptocurrency markets with a base in Seattle, USA. It’s made its way into the top three exchange markets in the world based on trading volume and presently experiences daily trading volumes around $300m.

The site has a reliable credit rating and to date there have been no records of hacks on the site. The exchange views itself as an up and coming cryptocurrency trading floor striving to deliver the fastest and most secure trading service available.

Bittrex was set up by CEO and CO-Founder Bill Shihara. When designing the exchange, he pulled from his experience at Amazon and Blackberry as a security engineer. Shihara was driven by the problems of safety and dependability breaches experienced by other markets so his goal was to develop a more reliable service. Bittrex includes a stellar team that combines over 50 years of security and growth experience from brands which include Microsoft, Amazon, Qualys, and BlackBerry.

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