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Risk and Money Management in Crypto Trading

by icosuccess
, Risk and Money Management in Crypto Trading

What Is Risk Management?

By definition, risk management is the identification, assessment, and rank, or priority, of risk, which is then followed by monitoring moving factors in order to coordinate economical decisions to control or lessen negative impacts, or increase the opportunities for potential profit.

Successful traders are those who research their options, watch the charts, and manage their risk in order to make a consistent return on their trading capital.

It would be a fool’s game if investors threw money at a cryptocurrency or project without doing their due diligence. No one likes to lose, so it’s critical to define the highest and lowest amount of risk you are willing to take in order to trade responsibly.

Strangely enough, traders often ignore the idea of risk management and “shoot from the hip” with precarious results. The trading industry has always been flooded with get-rich-quick schemes and buy-ins for projects that seem too good to be true. There are two sayings to remember: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” and “Don’t invest if you can’t afford to lose it.” This is where risk management comes in prior to taking a position.

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