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Crypto and Fiat Payments Made Easy With Xpring

by Pragati Shrivastava

Ripple’s Xpring has launched an open global developer platform that offers tools and programs to integrate the XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol into any app. Developers will be able to use the platform to move money, empowering users to send and receive payments in any currency, across any network. As a part of the announcement, Xpring has also announced that payments processor BitPay, mobile wallet BRD and digital custody provider Anchorage are all adding XRP to their offerings. With BitPay on board, XRP anticipates users being able to use XRP for everyday purchases at thousands of merchants, including Microsoft and AT&T. In fact, Chainalysis has announced that they are adding XRP ledger to their blockchain analytics products.

Ripple’s new platform will unlock economic value by reducing payments from days to seconds and by removing “a maze of siloed networks” that make up traditional payment rails built decades ago. Xpring is designed to remove the pain of integrating money into apps – whether it’s U.S. Dollars, Philippine Pesos, XRP, ETH or any currency. Xpring builds on open source, open protocols and open networks making it easy for the 23 million developers worldwide to enable payments in their products and services. XRP’s work on the Internet of Value will unlock economic value through global access and digitization of money. This will enable billions of people around the world to instantly make transactions and increase financial inclusion for millions of unbanked consumers. In order to realize this potential, the new platform allows developers to leverage Xpring’s ecosystem, boosting XRP.

Ripple has the fastest and most scalable settlement of any top digital asset. Ripple bridges the gap between any fiat or digital asset and forms a universal, ubiquitous way to make payments. The suite of services includes an Xpring software development kit (SDK) that allows programmers to integrate XRP apps in multiple programming languages. It also includes a variety of new tools for working on both XRP and Ripple’s Interledger Protocol. Xpring is targeting crypto and non-crypto developers alike with their platform.

What may normally take a developer 100 lines of code to integrate transactions on the XRP ledger is now trimmed to approximately 20 lines of code using Xpring SDK. Xpring has already been built on open-source protocols, but this platform would function like Amazon Web Services. Developers could use it as a plug and play solution. Ideally, Xpring can work with any payment method.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been transformative for the payments ecosystem and it has been difficult to work with new technology. That creates a barrier for developers to adopt these technologies.

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