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Ripple (XRP) News Week of April 14, 2019

by Matthew Harris
, Ripple (XRP) News Week of April 14, 2019

With little change in price, $0.3222 versus last week’s $0.3257, and not much XRP news breaking headlines since my last update, the Ripple report will be short and sweet this week.

Coinchek Launches OTC

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coinchek announced April 15th that it has launched its Over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk and debuted with XRP and ETH as their first altcoin listings. Many of you may remember Coinchek from last year when they were hit with a hacking incident that cost them half a billion dollars. After the acquisition of the online broker Monex Group in April of last year, the exchange was able to regain trust and appear to be making a strong comeback.

XRPayment App Now Available in App Store & Google Play

XRPL Labs’ Wietse Wind, an XRP and Ripple developer, announced this week that Android and iOS mobile users can now download the XRPayment app and start accepting XRP for payments in physical stores. Google Play’s app description states “Accept payments in XRP directly on the ledger to your own account address, or XRPTipBot.com account. Users simply enter the amount to pay in any currency and the app coverts the amount to XRP.

Hbus Adds Three Pairs of XRP

A U.S. operator of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, Hbus, announced the pairing of XRP and the US Dollar, Bitcoin, and Tether. Per reports, XRP is now available as USD/XRP, BTC/XRP, and USDT/XRP via its US operator ‘Hbus’ at huobi.com. As of April 19, 12:00 a.m PST, both XRP deposits and paired coin withdrawals are available. The CEO of Hbus, Frank Fu, reported that there are currently 51 trading pairs on Huobi.com and XRP is platforms 20th listed digital asset.

More XRP Support at Crypto ATMs

Finally this week, the U.S. based cryptocurrency kiosk company, BelcoBTM, announced that as ofApril 14th, XRP is now supported in their crypto ATMs located in 12 stores throughout New Jersey. According to the company’s website, users can use TrustWallet, Binance’s official wallet, to complete cryptocurrency transactions from its ATMs.

That’s all for the week CTN and Ripple fans, while the price may have calmed a little, there’s still plenty of good news for XRP.

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