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Cryptocurrency News Highlights: Week of April 21, 2019

by Meredith Loughran

Crypto Trader News is proud to present our top trending posts for the Week of April 21, 2019, highlighting articles that are moving at the speed of business.

Crypto Trader News Announces Pro Cryptocurrency Trader Program

Crypto Trader News, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency news site, is proud to announce the launch of its exclusive Crypto Trader Pro program. This one-of-a-kind insider group has been designed for serious traders and investors.

Read more about the Crypto Trader News PROgram and find out how you can be part of this exclusive membership.

Blockchain Could Bring Transparency to the Voting System

With increased reliability and security of the voting process by integrating blockchain technology into the voting process, it’s a wonder that countries haven’t fully embraced this yet. With 2020 on the horizon, it is something that should be seriously looked at.

Read about the benefits of blockchain technology and how it can bring security and transparency to the voting system.

Bitcoin SV Plummets Following Binance Delisting

In its brief existence, Bitcoin SV has already begun to stack up a number of controversies, including the delisting of the token on Binance, effective April 22, 2019.

Read this to find out more about what may have prompted the delisting of Bitcoin SV on Binance.

Why the Transportation Industry Is Looking at Blockchain

The transportation and logistics industries are currently looking at new ways to use blockchain technology to enhance their day-to-day operations to help maximize efficiency and productivity from algorithms to ease traffic congestion to public transportation routes and more.

See what blockchain can do to help the transportation industry improve efficiency in travel.

Bermuda to be Considered Crypto Paradise Very Soon

As CryptoTraderNews began investigating top crypto-friendly countries in the world, one country that stands out is Bermuda thanks to their favorable tax rates and tourist industry which attracts major corporations and high net worth individuals.

Read more about how Bermuda is fast becoming a very crypto-friendly paradise.

What is KYC and AML?

If you’re fairly new to trading, whether in fiat or cryptocurrency, you might have seen the KYC and AML acronyms. But what do they mean and how does it affect you?

Your easy guide to understanding KYC and AML

Digital Advertising is Improving Thanks to Blockchain

The current realm of digital advertising industry is expensive, prone to fraud, and centralized. While the current industry is worth approximately $223 billion, a significant amount of money could be saved thanks to blockchain technology.

Read this to find out more about how blockchain and decentralization can improve digital advertising.

Republic Launches Note Crypto for Startup Investments

What is Republic? It is a startup investment platform which recently launched the Note cryptocurrency. It will cater to investors looking for legitimate crowdfunding opportunities, and stated to help support conventional tech-based startups.

Stay with CryptoTraderNews to read more about what Republic will do for investors and tech startups.

Token Awaiting SEC Approval May Be One To Watch

Curious? Stacks token is based upon the Blockstack blockchain, a decentralized computing and storage platform that allows developers to create their applications in a safe environment. It aims to be in SEC complaince and awaits approval for a $50m token offering.

Want to know more? Read about Stacks and why it might be one token on your watchlist.

How Blockchain Will Change Real Estate

With the paperwork, legalities, and red tape surrounding real estate, blockchain technology can make positive changes in the real estate landscape. There are key players who are advancing the idea of smart contracts and distributed ledger in this field

Read more about how blockchain can reduce the stress and increase efficiency in real estate.

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