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UPS Seeks Evolution: Turns to Blockchain

by Alan Daniel
, UPS Seeks Evolution: Turns to Blockchain

Global logistics firm UPS recently announced that it is partnering with e-Commerce and blockchain solution provider Inxeption.

It was revealed that the global supply chain behemoth will work with Inxeption to create a platform that conducts several functions with a focus on transactions and logistics.

  • “Streamline transactions and logistics from a secure dashboard.”
  • Allow “merchants to manage all aspects of selling and shipping from one place.”
  • Provide customers with the option to “receive reliable and shipping and tracking services from UPS”.

The service will be aimed at B2B merchants who will be able to set up, sell, and ship products through the world wide web in a better way. UPS will partner with the e-commerce technology company Inxeption to improve their platform with Inxeption Zippy. Inxeption Zippy should allow for the elimination of add-on shipping costs, the minimization of mix-ups, and improved security.

The benefit to the business owner should be that of improved, inexpensive shipping. Instead of having to conduct redundant activities such as re-inputting customer data and product information at the shipping phase of the transaction and worry about potential additional costs that may occur as a part of the shipping process, customers will be able to have a platform that provides an “instant window into their products”.

Zippy provides business owners with an “all inclusive platform that minimizes the need for obsessing over weights, measurements, and other factors in the current process, providing business owners with a simple, fixed, and transparent cost.

Zippy uses blockchain technology to store accurate customer information with complete product histories.

The Inxeption Value

According to the company “Inxeption’s e-commerce platform and online product catalog enable manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to easily set up a company-branded online site to conduct e-commerce transactions.”

The company would then help in more aspects of the selling process by “helping them list, market and sell their products to their business customers. Its blockchain-backed technology helps ensure that sensitive information such as contract-specific pricing and negotiated rates are only shared between the buyer and seller.”

Furthermore “the integration of UPS as the shipper of choice creates a seamless, end-to-end experience where merchants can view their entire supply chain from product listing to delivery.”

As such, this service offering should allow merchants to digitize and simplify their listing, selling and shipping in each step of the process. Merchants may benefit from the aspect of forming a site to present product information to analyzing their sales and marketing.

UPS and Inxeption Have a History
Earlier this year, the venture arm of UPS invested in Inxeption and has an equity stake within the company.

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