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Behold The Cryptopreneurs – Overcoming The Obstacles Facing The Blockchain Industry

by Meredith Loughran
, Behold The Cryptopreneurs – Overcoming The Obstacles Facing The Blockchain Industry

August 27, 2019 – What if you had a book that cut through the noise and got straight to the chase of integrating blockchain into our collective business and investment consciousness without feeling lost or taken advantage of? BEHOLD THE CRYPTOPRENEURS is that book.

Navigating beyond issues like the importance of private keys, the myth of anonymity, and the battle against anarchist ideology, author Dennis H. Lewis paints a fairly grim picture in the beginning, but guides the reader beyond that to discover the true potential of investing in this new economic paradigm.

Real world use cases are happening as we speak. Business pain points are addressed and the word cryptopreneur is defined by innovation, trust, and providing real world solutions to real world problems. It’s quite possible that there are comparable products to yours on the market. This means that you must also stand out based on the strengths of your business model and your ability to effectively manage a winning team.

People need a reason to invest. Have a good plan in place then market the hell out of it because you can have the best tech, the smartest people on the team, and a really cool idea, but you’ll never on-board investors unless they understand the intrinsic value you bring to the table and perceive enthusiasm for your project in the marketplace.

Reviews are beginning to come in for BEHOLD THE CRYPTOPRENEURS. One review comes from Canadian businessman, author and television personality, Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary. “Dennis Lewis, who just launched his new book ‘Behold the Cryptopreneurs’ is all about using the blockchain to solve real problems for real people. He doesn’t pull punches and it’s a great read. You know, cryptocurrencies is very controversial but Dennis is kind of bringing it home for the long term. That’s what I like about this whole initiative.”

Additionally, BEHOLD THE CRYPTOPRENEURS has been listed on Book Summary Club’s list of The 105 Best Business Books of All Time (2019 Edition). In a recent interview, Dennis Lewis responded, “I am thrilled that Behold the Cryptopreneurs was chosen to be included in the top 105 business books of all time. The blockchain industry has the potential to transform society for the better, but it’s time the industry starts to deliver on its promises. If you feel the same, grab a copy and let me know what you think.”

About the author

Author Dennis H. Lewis is a digital storyteller and blockchain marketing specialist with a proven track record in both Europe and the United States, having raised over $40 million for blockchain projects and building successful influential communities that span well over 100K enthusiastic supporters. He has successfully lead to market and exited multiple startup companies, often making complex projects relatable and easy to understand in order to build trust that leads to a project’s success. With a degree in mathematics and 30+ years of business experience within the tech sector, he understands the complexity behind the blockchain evolution and how it will have lasting effects in retail, corporate and enterprise ventures.

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