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What is H20.ai?

by Alan Daniel
, What is H20.ai?

“Every company can be an AI company” at least, that is what H20.AI thinks.

They are not alone in this line of thinking.

Large companies such as Softbank thinks that AI will bring about better qualities of life for people across the globe. Softbank has even gone as far, noting that the innovation of AI will provide a harmonious environment.

Indeed, that is Softbank’s driving philosophy with its Vision Fund I and Vision Fund II. The Japanese conglomerate aims to create an ecosystem of companies driven by artificial intelligence in some form or fashion. This is seen in its investments that range from automated finance to popular ride-sharing startups like Uber.

Now H20.AI thinks that every company can be an AI company. The company states, “our vision is to democratize AI for all and empower every company to be AI company. This is an imperative for the future of every business and organization. AI empowers companies to augment their human intelligence and to gain more value, and most importantly achieve a competitive edge in their markets.”

It believes that AI may be useful in industries ranging from banking to healthcare.

The data shows that H20.AI is right. More companies are turning into data machines and tapping into artificial intelligence to conduct analysis, make predictions, and have an edge in the markets. From notable hedge funds like Bridgewater to large banking institutions like J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, data and the utilization of that data through artificial intelligence are becoming popular.

The banking giant UBS notes that Artificial Intelligence should grow to become a $12.5 billion growth sector.

How Does H20.Ai Work?

H20.AI acts as the AI middleman.

Entrepreneurs, large companies, and managers can go to H20.AI, bring their data, their questions, and utilize the H20 Driverless AI platform to glean compelling insights.

The H20.AI allows entities to use their expertise and data to solve critical problems or minimize risk factors facing their business.

The company notes “H2O Driverless AI empowers data scientists, data engineers, mathematicians, statisticians and domain scientists to work on projects faster and more efficiently by using automation to accomplish tasks that can take months and can now be reduced to hours or minutes by delivering automatic feature engineering, model validation, model tuning, model selection and deployment, machine learning interpretability.”

H20.Ai is expected to work as a plug and play platform where users can bring their information and questions, use the H20.Ai platform, and improve outcomes.

Why Does H20.AI Matter?

Artificial intelligence, just like the blockchain, can bring about many different benefits. But the problem is that it is a new and emerging sector. As such, it calls for the need for new experts, new systems, and more consumption of time in learning. H20.Ai brings about an automated machine learning platform that should minimize upfront costs as well as the time to create and utilize artificial intelligence to conduct assessments regularly.

H20.Ai aims to make artificial intelligence much simpler, thereby, democratizing AI.

Companies like H20.Ai are going to increase and help accelerate AI over the next decade.

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