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Consensus Blockchain Week 2019 – Day 2

by Meredith Loughran

The second day of Consensus Blockchain Week 2019 in New York City was filled with presentations and networking opportunities. If you are not familiar with it, Consensus is an annual three-day event that launched in 2015. It brings together companies, developers, investors and crypto enthusiasts from all around the world to talk about the emerging and disrupting activities surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain. From hypothesis to roadmaps, networking and learning, the industry think tank discusses business, technical innovations, commercial development, public policy issues, and pragmatic solutions for the evolution of business and security.

With approximately 250+ speakers, Consensus commands approximately 8,000 attendees from around the world who represent international brands, startup companies, investment firms, academia, and policy movers and shakers. From Fortune 500 representatives to core developers and crypto enthusiasts, Consensus has been the go-to crypto conference of the year.

Key Events:

Day 2 – May 14th

  • Social Syncing: How do you keep a decentralized community together?
    • Key community builders within Ethereum and Ethereum Classic share the challenges they’ve overcome and key lessons learned along the way in developing the long-term success of any blockchain platform. Panelists include Kristy-Leigh Minehan, CTO of Core Scientific, Richard Burton, founder of Balance and one of the first designers at Ethereum.org, and Zaki Manian, Director at Tendermint Labs
  • Tokens, IEOs, or Compliance? Exchange Growth Tactics
    • Panelists include Tim Byun, CEO of OKCoin, Kwon Park, Director of Business Development at Bittrex, and Toby Simpson, Co-founder and CTO at Fetch.AI.
  • Fiction Becoming Fact: Science Fiction and the Fate of Humanity
    • Speculative fiction writer, programmer and lawyer, Ken Liu, discusses why it’s difficult to make good predictions about the future; the narrative fallacy, the historical fallacy, and the unexpected value of speculative storytelling in thinking about futures.
  • Conversations About the Cloud: The Future of Enterprise Blockchains
    • Rahul Pathak, Amazon Web Services’ General Manager of Blockchain, speaks about how the future of blockchains and how enterprise customers can use this technology for their business needs.
  • The Global Chessboard: How Coinbase is Playing the Investment Game
    • Presented by Emilie Choi, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Business Operations and Analytics for Coinbase, this 20 minute sessions speaks of equity stakes to acquisitions, and how the giants of the crypto exchange world are taking big strategic steps to grow.
  • First Lap: The Contest to Put Trade Finance on a Blockchain
    • Let’s talk about real trade with real money and how trade finance has existed blockchains in 2018. Questions about project predictions, roadblocks, and how small markets can tap into the $10 trillion industry are asked.

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