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Interview with Evan Vandenberg of WAX, the Worldwide Asset eXchange

by Meredith Loughran

In this special episode of Bull Sessions, I had the pleasure of sitting with Evan Vandenberg, the Director of Development at Wax, the Worldwide Asset eXchange.

We had some insight into the pain points that they are trying to solve to help on-board mainstream gaming applications and new users into the blockchain space.

I have to admit that setting up my WAX cloud wallet was incredibly easy using my existing Facebook account and 2FA. And while Evan didn’t go into all the technical jargon behind how secure our wallets are, he assured me that all the security is in place without the hassle of worrying about lengthy private keys. In my four-year experience with using front-end blockchain applications, this concept felt alien to me. What do you mean no privacy key to worry about?

In addition to the wallet and understanding a bit about what WAX can do as far as merging non-blockchain businesses into blockchain, he couldn’t dive into some of the partnerships they are working with behind the scenes, but we did talk about two amazing promotions that they are hosting to lure developers to use their chain; things like the $25,000 #EOStoWAX challenge, and the $1 million Christmas giveaway.

It was also really cool to see that WAX has jumped from 7th to 3rd position on Blocktivity in only a couple of short days - and why wouldn’t it? With Prospectors, KARMA, Splinterlands and ChainClash successfully duplicating or moving their DApps to WAX, there is a lot of excitement.

Who knows? If Evan gets his wish, maybe we’ll see Fortnite on the blockchain in the near future.

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