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Kevin O’ Leary is A Great Reason To Do Your Own Due Diligence

by Alan Daniel
, Kevin O’ Leary is A Great Reason To Do Your Own Due Diligence

Kevin O’ Leary, officially known as Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary, is a well-known figure in the global business environment.

You probably know him from Shark Tank or his earlier stint on the Dragon’s Den.

Bitcoiners and general crypto enthusiasts probably recognize him from his regular appearances on CNBC.

A place where he regularly spars with Anthony Pompmliano on the value of bitcoin and other “crypto crap.” Kevin O’ Leary is known to make statements like “tell me why this, a digital game has any intrinsic value?

When people put actual money into this, they make no interest, they can’t pay their taxes with it, the regulators don’t like it, which is always a problem for compliance, and where’s the long term value?“

The current version of Kevin O’ Leary and his statements makes one think that Kevin O’ Leary stepped in and purchased bitcoin in 2017 or later.

Yet bitcoiners and other crypto enthusiasts may have been surprised to find that Kevin O’ Leary was not always this way; he did have a different stance on bitcoin and the overall sector in the past. Yes, the grumpy Kevin O’ Leary once was madly bullish on bitcoin.

The Kevin O’ Leary of The Past

The shocking truth surfaces in a recent clip where Kevin O’ Leary expresses a different sentiment, a more positive, warm, and embracing view. After a reporter asks if bitcoin really has a future as a currency, in 2013, Kevin O’ Leary, from the past, states how more people hear about bitcoin and “how bitcoin is virtual currency, traded globally, one can buy bitcoins with virtually any currency on earth and can convert back into other currencies or buy goods and services with it.”

He goes on to air further comments on the leading digital asset by stating that “this is a proxy for the mistrust that people have in central bankers. If you are willing to take bitcoin as a currency, a virtual barbie currency to me, it has no basis, no central banker, no hard asset behind it, but if you don’t trust any other currency this is where you go”.

The business leader even approximated his holdings in bitcoin “I ignore everything until it gets to a billion dollars in market cap, that happened recently with bitcoin, well over a billion in value, so it is here to stay, this is here to stay, it is a legitimate currency to trade.” Kevin O’ Leary said in 2013, think about that, in 2013, that he would start to dabble in bitcoin, maybe placing 2-3% of his net worth in bitcoin. The price of one in bitcoin in 2013? If you purchased it after the dip, $50, or a $100, before around $250.

Let’s say Kevin O’ Leary did place 2-3% of his $400 million net worth into bitcoin that would mean he placed $12 million into bitcoin at its earliest stages. He quite likely put much less into bitcoin or his net worth would have soared over the years.

The price of bitcoin is up over 40 times the bitcoin highs of 2013. If he were a hodler, he would have been well rewarded.

But why is Kevin O’ Leary acting differently today?

Kevin O’ Leary Today

Essentially, why is Kevin O’ Leary expressing angst again the leading digital asset today?

Bitcoin Regret

The Italian English writer, Rafael Sabatini may have said it best “regret of neglected opportunity is the worst hell that a living soul can inhabit.”

If a younger Kevin O’ Leary didn’t invest 2-3% in 2013, he might be kicking himself now. His bitcoin angst may derive from his lack of carpe diem when bitcoin was still in his lows.

An older Kevin O’ Leary may be yearning for the days of yore when bitcoin was only $250 and below.

Those times seem as good as gone.

If Kevin O’ Leary is undergoing bitcoin angst, I would advise him to take a page out of bitcoiners like Matt O’ Dell and Marty Bent’s playbook, stack sats and stay humble.

With a disclaimer, I would state, dollar cost average, Kevin O’ Leary, it’ll all be well in the end.

Lastly, Kevin O’ Leary shows everyone in the finance and bitcoin sector that it is important to do their own due diligence and research, if they were to listen to Kevin, they may think he has no idea about bitcoin and doesn’t understand the value and why it matters. They may appeal to authority and believe that he’s right, that it’s done and that there may not be value attached to it.

He would have been an “expert” they followed and abstained without doing their research, which may have led to their bitcoin angst.

Don’t suffer from bitcoin angst because you didn’t do your research. And let us help you with your trading.

For the love of Satoshi Nakamoto, always DYOR.

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