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Seasteading Bitcoin Enthusiast Could Face Death Penalty

by Matthew Harris
, Seasteading Bitcoin Enthusiast Could Face Death Penalty

These days it may not be the brightest idea to base your lifestyle on concepts spawning from L. Ron Hubbard, and it could very well cost a man and his wife life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

The couple, reported wealthy American Bitcoin trader Chad Elwartowski and his wife, Supranee Thepdet, are in hot water after the Third Naval Area Command filed a police complaint against them. The complaint accuses them of setting up a floating living platform 12 nautical miles off the coast of Phuket, Thailand, a practice known as Seasteading.

However, it’s a practice that also happens to be a violation of Thailand’s criminal code. The specific law, section 119, concerns any acts that cause any deterioration of the state’s independence such as resulting in any part of the country to fall under the sovereignty of a foreign state.

Basically, Thai authorities believe that by building a homestead on the sea, the couple is attempting to create an independent state that threatens the sovereignty of the country.

Seasteading is nothing new, the founder of the “Church” of Scientology, the aforementioned L. Ron Hubbard, is sometimes credited with crafting the initial idea when his Sea Org spent many years at sea. Today however, the Org is mostly land-based but other groups have expanded on the idea.

This includes “Micronations” that are cropping up in multiple places these days, exploiting a loophole in international law, and crypto traders are reportedly leading the charge. Many of the ideas that modern seasteaders hold dear, such as independence and sovereignty from government, are as equally important to those in the cryptocurrency community.

Sealand, one of the oldest micronations in the world, started accepting Bitcoin a year and a half ago and have shown continued interest in cryptocurrencies. A group called the Seasteading Institute believes that seasteading is the best way to allow citizens to peacefully “test new forms of government” and they are currently outside of French Polynesia working on establishing the first free zone for the development of a micronation in the area.

While the seasteading couple has stated that they’re beyond the reach of authorities, Thai maritime authorities appear to be getting ready to prove them wrong. If the complaint lead to charges, they’ll likely both face arrest and their floating home will be destroyed.

Cryptocurrencies and seasteading appear to be a match made in heaven, but enthusiasts around the world could face international battles if they aren’t careful.

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