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The 3 Types of Brains Explained | Cryptopreneurs

by icosuccess
, The 3 Types of Brains Explained | Cryptopreneurs

? ? The Wrong Brain!! ? ?
Which brain are you talking to? Are you screwing up your marketing by addressing the only brain that doesn’t really matter?

This is the single most important marketing lesson you could possibly learn…

If you want to drive real results you have to understand the 3 brains:

✅ Cerebral Cortex
✅ Lymbic brain
✅ Reptilian brain

Do you know which one makes all the decisions?

In this video I will reveal the secrets of talking to the correct brain!




Today I am going to talk to you about something I just really love. It’s one of the topics we could go on for hours about this, but the question is, “Which brain are you talking to of your customer?“

I know that sounds a little funny because a lot of us think that people have one brain, but human beings have 3 brains. And this is so important, it is so fundamental for your marketing. It has nothing to do with your operations. It has nothing to do with blockchain or cryptocurrency. It has to do with getting your message across.

So, the first brain that every person has is the one you’re thinking about. It’s the big gray mass, it’s the cerebellum, it’s the cerebral mass, that is the logical, thinking part of the human brain. That’s where reason exists, that’s where analysis exists, that’s where comparisons and things like that occur. So that is your first brain.

Your second brain is called your limbic brain, and that’s where your emotions live, okay. That’s where you’re happy, you’re sad, you’re excited, your anxiety. All of these things are– All of your emotions are coming from your limbic brain.

And then your third and final brain is your reptilian brain. It’s right back here at the base of your skull, and has 2 fundamental functions. Survival and reproduction. Okay? And obviously, that’s what kicks in when there’s a threat. That’s what makes you run. That’s what makes you fight. That’s what attracts you to, you know, to the other sex.

But now the question is, which of these 3 brains are you addressing in your marketing, is in your messaging? And the fundamental answer you need to know is that all decisions, not just most decisions, all decisions that humans make are fundamentally made by the reptilian and limbic brains, okay.

And I don’t care how boring your business is, I don’t care how technical your business is, I don’t care how cerebral you think your business is. Your customers decide based on emotions and based on their reptilian brain. What’s in it for them? How does it help them survive? How does it help them be happy? How does it help them preserve their own personal wellbeing? The cerebral part of your brain has been proven that it comes in second.

After you’ve made a decision, you start using reason, comparisons, analysis, all of these high level thought processes, to justify the decisions you’ve already made, okay.

Think about it this way. You’re gonna buy a car. Okay, you’re gonna buy the car you love. Get over it, that’s it. That’s why car manufacturers make sexy ads. that’s why they appeal to your emotions, to the thrill of driving down that curved road over the mountaintops. Because they want you to feel an emotional connection with that car. Then, what are you going to do? Then you’re gonna study how much gas mileage does it get? How safe is it? How many suitcases can I fit in the trunk? How many times– What’s the cost of maintenance gonna be? You’re gonna build this whole model in your head to decide that this is the car you’re gonna buy. But don’t think of it any other way, you’re buying the car you love. You’re buying the car that you fell in love with.

And that is so important for you in your business. You have to craft messages that connect on an emotional and reptilian level with your audience. And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling B2B, B2C, it makes no difference whatsoever. You have to do it. Otherwise, you will be forgotten. Sure, you don’t think your business is different, it’s not.

You know, people ask questions about this all the time, “Oh, but my company isn’t this way,” or “No, my market is different.” No, if you’re selling to human beings, and believe it or not you’re always selling to human beings, their reptilian and limbic brains are the most important. What do you think?

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