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What A Great Crowdfunding Team Should Look Like

by Pragati Shrivastava
, What A Great Crowdfunding Team Should Look Like

It’s one thing to want to launch a crowdfunding campaign, but many people don’t really understand all the work that goes into launching a successful one. Whether you are planning to launch an ICO, STO or IEO, the team you assemble really matters – and we’re going to explain why.

Why a great Crowdfunding team matters

One of the key milestones of a project is putting together a high-profile winning team that will work for the company and contribute to its development. Over the past decade, Google has spent millions of dollars studying almost all aspects of the lives of its employees. They decided to find a way to build an “ideal team.” The research lasted several years, and consisted of interviews with hundreds of employees. In the end, Google confirmed what leaders in the business world already knew: the best teams understand that all of their participants have equal rights in discussions, and must respect each other’s emotions.

Great teams are selected on the basis of :

  • Concept
  • Goals and Plans
  • Work Experience
  • Social Media Activity
  • Working Results

Building a great team

Explore top ICO listing sites, track projects and platforms. Here’s a shortlist:

They provide trending ICOs, IEOs, and STOs that are currently promoting their projects and seeking funding.

Second, make use of global freelancing platforms. Platforms like Upwork allow you to conduct interviews, employ, and cooperate with freelancers and agencies. The platform provides an online chat feature to save time spent sourcing and hiring.

Blockchain applications in development require a team with a specialized set of skills. Great teams have leaders with personal achievements and practical experience in the field. Projects like Ethereum have Solidity developers, technical specialists, coders and testers/quality control engineers. Community specialist and marketers act as a bridge between product and investors. The best team is the one that communicates the project’s goal to the audience effectively. DADI is an example of how the bad decision of hiring an unskilled freelancer to write the white paper ruined the whole project, probably leading to the failure of the ICO.

An important element of a great team is a supportive Advisory Board. The project’s advisory board provides strategic advice and offers assistance outside the company. The advisory board is an external, informal group, distinct from the core team. Find the right advisors for the board and define their relationship with the project. Advisors should share insights on the project, announcements, and updates, demonstrating their constant attention to the ICO project. Their contributions to social media shape the opinion of the public. Advisors with a good track record in the cryptocurrency world will add value to the project. Outsourcing is a good option for developing an ICO project, allowing you to focus on improving your product. It is recommended to manage your resources wisely. It is worth investing in a highly-qualified team.

Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluating your team before launching your own crowdfunding project is a very important step that will increase the overall chances of success for the entire campaign. By approaching this process with care, you’ll protect the reputation of your product and maintain good relationships with investors. To sum up, assure yourself that each member has enough experience to cover all the project’s needs.

In essence, gather team leaders who’ve run businesses before, cryptocurrency developers with active professional accounts, marketing experts like ICOsuccess, and community leaders with significant portfolios. These are the people who make a successful team – and if your team has previously been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, your chances for success grow tenfold.

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