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10 Mobile Apps and Tools for Effective Crypto Trading

by Icosuccess
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For some, crypto trading is a hobby, and for others it is a major investment, retirement plan, and future. Regardless of where you fall on the crypto trading pendulum, we’re going on a limb and going to say that you have a smart phone or mobile device and you like apps. As a person on the go, staying connected to the crypto market is vitally important. As such, we’ve compiled a list of ten mobile apps and tools that are great for crypto traders.

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Insight, information, and functionality is the key to success, so finding the right apps to make your cryptocurrency experience worthwhile and profitable is, dare we say, important!

Some apps enable you to assess trends to spot buying and selling opportunities; some will help you execute trades, and still others will help you track price movements in other markets. Not all of the apps are free to use. Some have in-app purchase options, and some have subscriptions. This is something to keep in mind as far as trading expenses, but we’ll leave that for another article.

In the meantime, consider your cryptocurrency trading goals and what tools you need to make smart, efficient decisions to stay ahead of the curve. Not listed in any particular order, this list of crypto friendly mobile trading apps and tools could up your game and put you in a better market position.

Now, you might be wondering, where do I start? This is, by no means, a comprehensive list, but for the beginner, it’s a good start because we’ve included apps in the list that will help…

There are four ways cryptocurrency Apps and Tools can be useful to traders, and these are;

  • get actionable insights to guide buying or selling decisions.
  • trading in cryptocurrencies.
  • store and secure private keys.
  • with financial management.

Listed in no particular order:

#1 Coinbase
Coinbase is so diverse. It’s an exchange, a wallet and a cryptocurrency broker. Their mobile app is easy to use and offers, the ability to buy crypto with an attached credit card or bank account; convert from one supported token to another, check the charts, and even catch some crypto news.

#2 KuCoin
The above is a very secure and fast cryptocurrency exchange that enables traders to buy and sell any of the best-known cryptocurrencies. KuCoin is a trade exchange that also offers attractive earning opportunities to investors who want to buy, hold some cryptocurrency, and have an affiliate program.

#3 TensorCharts
It is a charting tool that offers very advanced features, although it is useful for beginners and intermediate traders. This tool gives day traders deep insights into market sentiments and trading volumes and recent prices, which means day traders can take positions in the market.

#4 Coinigy
A mobile App that enables traders to track and trade a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. Coinigy enables traders to connect to more than 40 cryptocurrency exchanges. It also contains features that enable traders to track price movements and other charting features.

#5 Robinhood
This mobile App enables traders to load bitcoins into their bitcoin wallet. Besides also trading other cryptocurrencies, stocks, gold, and many other option trades.

#6 Bibox
BiBox services include crypto trading, mining and staking. It is hailed as an alternative to established crypto exchanges like Binance.

#7 Changelly
Changelly offers a very easy way to buy and exchange up to 150 cryptocurrencies. The mobile app is easy to navigate and it’s got high reviews for quick transactions, security, and easy account setup. Even the most novice crypto user can jump in and be a part of the new economy.

#8 CoinMarketCap
This eighth tool is the most widely used in the world, as of November 2019. This tool enables traders to track the real-time price movements of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. Thus enabling access to more trading options across the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

#9 Sfox Edge
This tool is one of the leading blogs that offers traders, especially beginners, useful insights into trading, changing trends, opportunities, case studies, and interviews with successful cryptocurrency traders.

#10 Blockfolio
Imagine having a portfolio of many cryptocurrencies you can track all day, anytime with your mobile phone. That is one of the best features of Blockfolio which connects you to over 300 exchanges and over 8,000 cryptocurrencies.

What are your favorite crypto trading tools? We want to know!

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