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3 IEOs We’re Looking Forward to In July

by Brandon Harville
, 3 IEOs We’re Looking Forward to In July

The ICO has been experiencing a slow death in the crypto community for the past year––if not longer. Some people have tried to peg the move away from ICOs to a decline in cryptocurrency as a whole. A move which was probably believable in 2018.

But this ain’t 2018. Cryptocurrency is back where it left off after year-long winter, and things are going as great as ever. And there’s a new contender in town breathing life into the investment community––the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

What’s an IEO, Anyway?

If you’ve been around the block a couple of times, you probably already know what an IEO is, or you can figure out the definition by looking at the name. Basically, it’s a fundraising event similar to an ICO but the tokens are provided by specific exchanges. Bread has the BRD token, Gifto has GTO, and Binance has BNB… and boy, has BNB been killing it lately or what?!

But these aren’t just a few isolated projects that we’ve mentioned. There’s a huge demand to make the shift to IEOs across the entire community for a number of reasons. They’re secure and the companies are generally more reputable than the unknown companies raising money. Plus, IEOs are really attracting investors right now. Which is why we’re spilling the beans on our top three upcoming IEOs that we can hardly wait for.

  1. BEST by Bitpanda: BEST’s IEO is running between July 9th to August 6th. The currency, which is selling for $0.10 a token, offers a number of benefits to Bitpanda users. Not only do holders gain priority access to certain platform features, paying in BEST can reduce associated fees by as much as 25%.
  2. AIGO by AIGO Protocol: AIGO’s pre-sale launched on the first of July, and the IEO will continue to run until August 31st. The token is associated with a number of cool features through its AI-Payment ecosystem. The platform is designed to support rapid transactions that support the needs of businesses in real-time, including card-based payments with its very own ATM card called the “A-Card.”
  3. ELL by Ellcrys: This highly-anticipated IEO is running until July 31st and is attracting a lot of attention in the Fintech industry. Designed to facilitate decentralized ownership of currencies and software products, the Ellcrys is a platform designed to let anyone co-create, co-manage, and co-own services and software products.. from anywhere in the world. In other words, the project is probably more “in the spirit of blockchain” than any other project in development.

So, there you have it. Three IEOs to definitely keep a lookout for. If you want to stay up to date with other investment opportunities, be sure to bookmark CryptoTraderNews.com and check back frequently, as we’re constantly providing real-time updates every day.

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