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A Sony Car?

by Alan Daniel

Sony revealed a car concept at CES 2020. That’s big news as that means the company is acknowledging the need for innovative expansion into other sectors.

 The future concept car, the VISION-S, is a part of Sony’s view on the need for improvement in mobility and how that change can make a significant improvement in our lives.

The company believes, similar to others, like Tesla, that improvement in mobility will redesign the car as an entertainment segment.

Let’s find out a little bit more about the Sony Car.

The Sony Car Specifications


The company notes that the Sony car, VISION-S, will have 33 sensors internally and externally, in addition to other integrated SONY technologies.


Further on the entertainment experience, the company expects to have 360 Reality Audio, bringing about an immersive audio experience.

Panoramic Screen

The VISION-S envisions a panoramic screen for driving information and entertainment. The concept also brings several widescreen displays for passengers in the vehicle as well.

Software Oriented Design

The concept is that the vehicle will “integrate with the cloud and continue to update its capability.“ This idea makes sense as the technology company would want to provide a similar experience to that of a Tesla and improve the quality of the car incrementally.


The concept car is going along the route of innovative manufacturers like Tesla and other traditional automakers by adopting EV from the start. The technology will design for EV capabilities across different vehicle segments.


Sony worked with partners such as Benteler, Blackberry|QNX, Bosch, Continental, Elektrobit, Gentex Corporation, MAGNA, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and others.

What to Make of the Sony VISION-S

The critical question here is if Sony is serious about the VISION-S and bringing into reality in the next few years. Further, we'd want to know Sony's distinct advantages over traditional automakers and over hyperfocused companies such as Tesla, NIO, Lucid Motors, and others Lixiang, and others that are helping to grow the EV market.

The company must continue to show resilience at a time where it is facing heavy competition in industry segments such as entertainment, where it goes head to head with Disney and increases growth in other areas such as its semiconductor division.

Sony bulls are relying on the increasing demand for image sensors to help bolster Sony’s position in the market while waiting for the PS5 release, slated to take place in late 2020. The firm supplies image sensors through its (I&SS) segment to several leading smartphone companies, including Apple and Samsung.

The Japanese technology giant is still far off from investor enthusiasm in 1999 when the Sony stock was around $150 a share. Remember that Sony shares declined all the way to $10.12 per share in 2012 and currently trades around $70, showing that the company is rebounding from its prior issues.

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