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Altcoin Trader Alert for June 17th

by Brandon Harville
, Altcoin Trader Alert for June 17th

Are you looking for crypto’s biggest gains and losses? Here’s what’s happened in the altcoin community over the past 24 hours.

Top coins with positive 24-hour price changes

1. StarCoin (460.15%)

KST’s weekly performance is proof that altcoin season is back and, hopefully, it’s here to stay. After a rocky start to the week, KST spiked 460% over the course of an afternoon and hasn’t dropped in price yet. Good time to get in? Good time to sell? Too early to tell whether this is a pump and dump or a breakout, so keep a close eye on it.

2. PWR Coin (+284.56%)

PWR’s weekly performance has been turbulent at best. While the coin has gained traction of the past 24 hours, it’s been a volatile seven days for PWR. Trade with caution.

3. Constant (+282.08%)

No major news to report about CONST other than it has a recorded 24-hour high and low is recorded at $1.18 / $0.264072. Its 7-day performance has been volatile, so it’s difficult to tell whether CONST will continue to gain or not.

4. EscrowCoin (+226.06%)

ESCO has had a relatively stable week with the exception of a massive 24-hour price spike. No major news coming out of the ESCO camp, with January being the last time the official ESCO Twitter account made an update. Trade with caution.

5. XRTD (+224.72%)

Hold onto your hats, XRTD is taking off! The past 24 hours have been kind to XRTD and have certainly attracted our attention. Trading at $0.002127 at the time of this post, prices are still low. This may be a good time to jump aboard this train.

Top coins with negative 24-hour price changes

1. ToaCoin (-88.69%)

We’ve had winners and losers this week, and TOA is definitely the biggest loser. The currency has been on a volatile spin all week, ending in a massive downtrend. No major news coming from the TOA camp that explains the drop in price, but proceed with caution anyway.

2. eSDChain(-80.73%)

It’s been an interesting week for SDA, with its 7-day performance looking like a massive earthquake recorded on a seismograph. Unsure what’s driving the fluctuations, but we don’t recommend making any trades with SDA until it becomes more stable.

3. Bolenum (-76.40%)

Aside from a massive spike immediately followed by a drop, BLN has enjoyed a pretty stable week. It’s also tied to an interesting project, the Bolenum Exchange––the largest crypto trading platform in Africa. Not a bad idea to monitor this token to see where it goes.

4. Sense (-73.33%)

SENSE might be in our list of 5-biggest losers, but it’s actually enjoyed a relatively good week with minor positive gain. Over the past two days, SENSE spiked in value and dropped back to its position before the breakout.

5. Bitcloud (-72.44%)

For the past week, BTX has been on a downward trend with no signs of reversing. The currency, which is only available on CryptoBridge and CoinExchange, has a 24-hour trading volume of $136. No real red flags with this one, so it might be a decent low-value altcoin to monitor.
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