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Are Bounties and Airdrops Still Worth the Effort?

by Matthew Harris

There was a time not so long ago that with just a little luck, we could invest a little time and energy to get a decent return on bounties and airdrops. When cryptocurrencies in general were in their infancy, it could actually be quite lucrative to participate in bounty and airdrop opportunities.

Unfortunately, that time appears to be dwindling fast and with the time, resources, and effort required for these types of endeavors, many investors have given up on this pastime altogether while more and more are questioning the worthiness of it all on a daily basis.

Scams and “hacks” have had rather far reaching impacts on the cryptocurrency landscape. From ICOs that were nothing more than schemes from the word go, to exchanges “losing” investor’s savings in the blink of an eye, the fact of the matter is that people are tired of ending up with nothing for their efforts.

And these days, a lot of the bounties and air drops seem to end up being complete scams, or setup in such a way that any return can seem so far off that it’s deemed unworthy of attention.

But are they really?

Well, I guess it depends on how you approach the process and whether you’re willing to take a gamble.

Attempting to do the proverbial putting all of your eggs in one basket and focusing on a single bounty or airdrop campaign is likely to be a rather disappointing adventure.

At this point, a good number of scams are trying to take advantage of would-be early investors and it can be rather difficult to find a decent project that is indeed going to pay out. There are also those that constantly delay payment until the coin is virtually worthless.

However, if you have the available resources to “pad your bet” so to speak, and you have the time to participate in a few different opportunities and the time to let any awards sit for awhile, you could walk away well ahead in the end.

What do I mean? Well, if you have the computing resources and time to invest in participating in say 5 different bounty/air-drop programs a month for 3 months, and you’re actually lucky enough to receive tokens from any of them, upon distribution simply forget about those tokens.

Now I don’t mean lose the info or store them on an exchange somewhere. Don’t sell them.. HODL them. In your wallet that you have safely stored the necessary info for.

Hodl on to those tokens and don’t even look at them for at least 6 months, even a year. Does this mean you’ll make money in the end? Of course not! But it can increase your chances.

And of course, you can increase your chances by aiming for more each month and/or overall… depending on your available resources.

But unless something changes, the “good ‘ole days” of bounties and air-drops being a decent way of almost being assured of getting in early on investment opportunities are likely gone with the wind.

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