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Bajali Srinivasan Joins Findora

by Alan Daniel
, Bajali Srinivasan Joins Findora

Bajali Srinivasan, the co-founder of Earn.com, Counsyl, Teleport, Coincenter and General Partner at a16z, has recently started work on another project, Findora. The decentralized blockchain-based project touts large ambitions on its website “the renaissance of a global financial democracy, empowered by modern cryptography.” Findora recognizes more credibility and potential support with the guidance and strategic advice that Srinivasan provides.

Findora hired Srinivasan and a cryptography expert from Stanford to bolster its ranks.

“We are excited to welcome Professor Dan Boneh and Balaji Srinivasan to our team as we work towards a new global financial system where users control their own financial data, identity and assets, a company representative commented.

“These renowned industry experts have unrivaled knowledge in fintech, digital infrastructure, blockchain, cryptography, and beyond, putting them at the forefront of their respective fields.”
Srinivasan has a wealth of experience in the technology and startup sector.

He recently left Coinbase as CTO and worked with one of the most prominent venture capital firms within the nation, Andreessen Horowitz. He joined Andreesen Horowitz because of his idea to create a bitcoin mining rig that would be efficient and effective. The company (21.co) would later pivot to Earn.com then sold to Coinbase a few years later.

Why May Findora Be Compelling?

Findora, which seems like a fashion startup, is a company that aims to fix the problems of scale, privacy, and security, all highly important to the blockchain sector.

The challenge is to have a genuinely verifiable public blockchain that will scale and be privacy-focused. Projects such as EOS, Tron, PolkaDot, and other decentralized entities aim to compete in this sector but have questionable credibility. The largest and most established competitor in this market is Ethereum and its growing ecosystem. Findora will also target tokenization, asset securitization, and general decentralized finance.

While Findora will jump into an already competitive space, having the backing of people like Bajali Srinivasan will help it to raise resources from human capital to financial capital.

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