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CalAmp is a Compelling Stock to Invest In

by Alan Daniel
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CalAmp (NASDAQ:CAMP) could be an interesting technology stock to buy for several reasons which will be laid out for you and one compelling stock that you may want to consider for your investment port

The technology company is a telematics pioneer leading transformation in a global connected economy.

CalAmp sounds impressive, right?
But what does that all mean?

Well, firstly, CalAmp is a company involved in the internet-of-things, a growing sector.

The firm aims to serve in the Automotive IOT, commercial fleets, construction, public safety and government, energy and industrial management, automotive management, supply chain visibility, and compliance, in addition to professional services.

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How will CalAmp affect business?

Take for instance, CalAmp iOn. It is a telematics and sensors system with a telematics cloud platform which allows field managers to understand precisely where their assets are, and have insight into the data of the operations. These systems are vital as they allow managers to know, moment to moment, the whereabouts of their assets.

Why is that important?

Simple, it lets managers provide updates to customers and assist in improving business operations. Business leaders can minimize issues due to theft and loss as well as other trackable issues like maintenance or travel and use logs for company equipment and vehicles. Further, the company can help track driving speeds, implement a crash box to mitigate loss, and have transparency in accidents. CalAmp can be a critical partner in the entire process ranging from fleet management to cyber security and accident support.

Companies like CalAmp will be crucial in the new era of sensors for tracking, and enabling interesting use cases such as data streaming from the sensors. Companies can learn new insights into operations if they know how to use said data. In the long run, it could have a trickle-down effect of providing proof of safety which could help negotiate better insurance rates.

The corporation inputs the sensors and devices onto equipment and vehicles, then connects them to the telematics cloud, which is processed through the iOn app for the enterprise to use.

Fascinating, right?

That’s an integral part of the company’s offerings – but it’s not the only thing. Remember that CalAmp is involved in various verticals from energy to construction and even education, if you consider the fleets of school buses.

CalAmp History

The firm has been around since 1981 so it certainly is not a new kid on the block. It is a key provider of direct broadcast satellite equipment, owning a substantial portion of the direct satellite broadcast market. Its other division wireless connectivity products in the rising telemetry sector.

CalAmp had to weather many different financial storms over the course of its existence and figure out how to transition into new opportunities to capture revenues. The California company is agile and has grown through acquisitions that have bolstered revenues and added to the company’s bottom line. One critical acquisition in the early 2000s still serves as its guiding segment, Vytek, helped CalAmp to become more robust and shift away from relying on satellite sales to diversify into software, wireless, and consulting.

We also know that CalAmp is interested in venturing into high growth and substantial margin businesses. In fact, another acquisition, Skybility, would be evidence of this new shift into sectors such as telemetry.

The firm knows where the future is headed and has invested appropriately so if you’re looking at a stock to research and pursue, CalAmp stock may be a steal at these current prices, especially as it transitions into a more connected future.

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