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Virgin Galactic Goes Public Today

by Alan Daniel
, Virgin Galactic Goes Public Today

We truly live in amazing times. Private companies are doing more than merely launching satellites into space. Now they are going public and taking wealthy consumers into space with them. The first of these will be Virgin Galactic, which will be publicly traded starting today. Interested investors can purchase the stock, which will trade on the NYSE with the ticker symbol SPCE.

Richard Branson and other billionaires have dreams of commercial space tourism and are gearing up to implement these visions sooner than you think.

Sentiment in this sector will be fascinating as more entrepreneurs will likely launch their own private companies to build out galactic travel.

Virgin Galactic Spaceflight

Virgin Galactic Spaceflight will have limited capacity. We hear that a total of eight people into sub-orbital flight.

It is a simple step and process that will serve as a novelty experience.

Consumers will have the ability to reach Kármán’s line, view space, float weightlessly, and slowly descend back to Earth’s surface.

A ticket on this flight will cost you dearly, as tickets are set at about $250,000 per passenger. Virgin Galactic is expecting more than 600 people to participate in its suborbital flights.

Flights will start to take place in the first few quarters of next year.

The Rise of Sub Orbital Spaceflights?

It seems as if spaceflight is a trend that is likely to keep growing for a variety of reasons. Billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Musk, and others pose space colonization as a solution to Earth’s woes. Colonizing the moon and mars might be difficult and require much more effort. But sub-orbital spaceflight should not be as extensive.

But what is sub-orbital spaceflight?

“Sub-orbital spaceflight is when a spacecraft goes into space but does not reach the altitude where it can orbit Earth. It goes to the end of the atmosphere, or specifically, 100km (62 miles). Right at this distance above the planet is where people can experience weightlessness,” according to Inverse.

Sub-orbital is right before you start to enter into a suborbital rotation.

Passengers on sub-orbital spaceflights will launch, reach the Kármán line and then gradually descend back to the Earth’s surface.

Remember that suborbital flights are not new, daring, or bold. They’ve been conducted several times in the past for general testing purposes and other concerns.

The novelty is in bringing out space tourism to the world. Blue Origin, Bezos’ company will start sellling suborbital spaceflight within the next two years.

Should You Invest in this SPCE Offering?

In short, likely not. We can estimate that the company can expect to see over $1 million in revenues per flight. But we are not aware of the costs per trip.

Further, much risk is still involved in these flights, as this looks to be the first of its kind.

The stock might receive an initial IPO stock pop on the first day but is likely to trade sideways (or downwards) for the near future.

Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic has several ventures within this sector, it will be interesting how he brings about more product lines and services to grow the company.

Remember that there are other ways to invest in space for more substantial returns.

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