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The 400lb Gorilla in the Room: Donald J. Trump

by Matthew Harris
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Oh boy, did my bosses lose their minds or something?

The conversation went something like this, “Matthew, we’re changing a few things up. We want you to cover Trump and the impeachment. Feel free to say how you really feel.”

Now, it’s no secret around here how I feel about this “man,” so I had to double check.

“Um, you trying to fire me?”

After being assured that wasn’t the plan, I sounded a bit like Mr. Burns.


And yes, I admit that I did drum my fingers together a little bit.

They’re turning me loose. That “changing a few things up” is actually some exciting news and there’s some very cool things coming down the pipe, so keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and website.

So without further ado, here’s our first look at some of my thoughts on the fiasco currently transpiring in D.C.

Just remember, they told me to.


Okay, first off I have to say that I grew up in the heart of Texas. Raised as a Baptist, my family was full-on Red and I’ve always voted Republican.

That being said, I don’t know that I will EVER vote that way again.

How can I? The bat-shit crazy inmates are running the damn asylum.

If I had to be politically correct I suppose I’d be stuck with calling them “mentally-impaired numbnuts” or something, but thankfully the powers that be have lifted those sanctions.

Now, if you’re still a Republican after all that has occurred this year, I truly hope you will finish reading this article. I’m not setting out to offend you, not by any stretch of the imagination. I simply hope to point out some glaring issues with the “official” party policy of blindly backing Trump.

There’s one definite reason why many of our elected officials are already calling for acquittal, and one other possibility for at least some of the others.

The definite — they know there’s no way in hell that Pence would get the election next November.

The possible — Trump really does have something juicy that would destroy the marriages and/or careers of some of them.

Otherwise, there’s NO way on God’s green Earth that these folks would be so adamantly standing behind this man.

If Obama had done a fifth of what Trump has done, Republicans would be losing their damned minds.

And that my friends, is exactly why this shit is so damn messed up.

The Breakdown

There’s no disputing several facts, no matter how much some on the Right want you to believe otherwise. Trump asked a foreign leader to “look into” a political opponent. It’s in the call summary (it’s not a transcript) and the day after it was released, he admitted there was pressure “as far as the Bidens” and even encouraged China to begin investigations.

The call was the day after the Mueller testimony!!

Trump only said he didn’t want anything, specifically stating “quid-pro-quo,” after he knew that there was whistleblower complaint about the call and it specifically used that phrase.

Funds were only released to Ukraine after Trump knew about the WB complaint.

Trump has blocked or attempted to block the testimony of every single person and document that could prove his innocence. Proving that it would only further the evidence of his guilt.

Republicans have solely focused on the process and how the activities were brought to light. Not a single House member on the Right was concerned with the actual activities of the most powerful man in the world.

“Where’s the whistleblower?”

Requesting to subpoena Hunter Biden?

Tearing down witnesses and questioning their loyalty to the country?

Are you F’n KIDDING me???

Three words should have told you all you need to know.

“Get over it.”

Remember that?

We’ve gone through so many explanations from Trump and his minions that it’s hard to keep track.

First it was that funds were withheld because other countries weren’t pitching in.

Then it was because they needed to look into corruption.

Then it was, basically, “this is business as usual. Nothing to see here. Get over it.”

Trump has weaponized the DOJ and the entire Republican party.

Barr is simply an extension of DJT, doing his biding and covering for him wherever he possibly can. The spin on the IG report was almost as good as the one on the Mueller report.

Now, before you comment and say the favorite goto of “you need to watch something besides CNN,” I actually do. I review Fox News as well as Al Jazeera, BBC, and a couple of other news sites along with CNN.

I don’t need MSM to form my opinions for me. I review the facts from several different sources, as well as read the actual documents and watch the hearings, much to the chagrin of my poor wife.

I read the Mueller report.

I read the “transcript.”

I read the depositions.

And the biggest indicators of his guilt?

His own actions. His Twitter feed is full of threats and intimidation of witnesses. His blocking of testimony and documents. His continued push for investigating disproven conspiracy theories. Giuliana is still over in Ukraine and bashing Biden’s name as much as he can. All at the behest of his client — Donald J. Trump.

Our President is a criminal, ladies and gentlemen.

If he wasn’t, he would be jumping at the chance to have everyone testify. He would release tons of documents and the actual bonafide transcript of the July 25 call to prove it to the world.

He wouldn’t try to hide behind this fantasy definition of Article 2 and all-encompassing immunity.

Those Republicans that are still backing him at this point are willfully blind and I think I’ll end with a quote from my favorite parody account on Twitter, Donald J. Trump Jr III.

“As my Daddy always says, ‘You can’t fix stupid, but you damn sure can get them to vote for you.’”

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