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Bull Sessions on… Bitcoin’s Price Plummet, Panic Selling and the 2020 Halving

by Meredith Loughran

Hello Crypto Friends, and thank you for tuning in to another episode of Bull Sessions. Today, I’m exploring what’s going on with Bitcoin’s price plummet. Is a $2 billion Ponzi scheme to blame? And how about the panic selling and crypto antagonists who are quick to say Bitcoin is in a death spiral.

It wasn’t added into the video, but Peter Schiff has this to say:

, Bull Sessions on… Bitcoin’s Price Plummet, Panic Selling and the 2020 Halving
The good news is that all the Millennial Bitcoin hodlers who are about to get wiped out in #Bitcoin are still young enough to make their money back. They will also have a lifetime to benefit from the wisdom that comes from losing money and learning [sic] from your mistakes. - Peter Schiff

Come on, Peter! I’ll bet a dollar that you’ve got some Bitcoin squirreled away for the sake of being in the game. Naturally, I don’t expect that it’s a fraction of your investment portfolio but to assume that Millennials aren’t diversifying suggests they don’t have a brain. Be kind to them. They’ll be operating the nursing homes (or cryogenic tubes) when we’re ancient.

Full disclosure: I buy cryptocurrency at least once a month, depending on my budget. I bought Bitcoin on it’s plunge and I bought some this morning around $6900. Looking at the Bitcoin market right now, it broke above $7,100. As I mentioned in the video, the news cycle rotates pretty quickly, and our squirrelly heads are happy and relieved that the market appears bullish at the moment. Who knows how long this ride will be, but I’m in it for the long haul.

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