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When it Comes to D.C., the Truth Lies Somewhere In-Between

by Matthew Harris
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We all know that politicians and lawyers stretch the truth. Seasoned voters know to take campaign promises with a grain of salt, and the same goes for the opening and closing arguments in almost any court case.

Both of these professions are well-skilled in the art of the spin, saying what they think the other side “needs” to hear and what’s best for their position or client. However, over the past couple of years things have gotten more than just a little out of hand.

Giuliani has been called a lot of things, from the bestest-ever mafia hunter to “America’s mayor,” but I don’t know that “prophet” was ever in there, but I think we have to consider that ole Rudy might be a seer.

“Truth isn’t truth.”

How profound.

Because that’s exactly what is coming out of D.C. lately — “don’t believe your eyes and ears, only WE tell the truth.”

Ignore the scores of witnesses… they only have “secondhand knowledge.”

Disregard the “transcript,” those involved in the call say there was “no pressure.”

The investigation is “a sham”, it was started by a partisan whistleblower that won’t even testify.

Not a single Republican has tried to defend Trump’s actions, only questioning the process, badgering witnesses, and pointing to the WSJ article about the start of impeachment several years ago.

They also love to say that the Mueller investigation lost millions and was a “witch hunt.” As Nadler pointed out, with the recouped funds and fines, the investigation actually made money. And let’s not forget the good chunk of Trump supporters currently in jail due to this investigation.

What does any of that have to do with the crimes under investigation anyway?

Not a damn thing!

But if all else fails…


Without even being in the same room during the impeachment hearings I could tell which party was speaking simply by their volume. A good majority of Republicans seem to think that screaming the same thing over and over will make it true.

If you’re on social media, punch that caps lock key and keep throwing out the same regurgitated lies until they’re considered gospel.

Some of the claims and statements are SO outlandish that it’s hard to believe that anyone actually buys it.

You know who I’m talking about.

What’s stupid is, most of the time the truth even sounds better.

It would be one thing if these were actually good lies, but some of these folks act like they’ve never lied before. Not a good trait for a politician.

Every good liar knows that once you tell that initial story, you have to stick to it. If you back add to it or actually move to a completely different story, it’s pretty much over.

Unless you’re the President.

He’s the only liar in existence that can spew thousands of lies and not be called out on it. On the rare occasion that he has been confronted, he either ignores the question, simply calls the interviewer “fake news” and walks away, or outright denies the facts.

Rarer still is someone that pushes back again, but on those occasions Trump generally just gives his “Thank you, that’s all” and ends the questioning.

Then back to Twitter or a call to his Fox friends to make sure his base knows his version of the “truth.”

Of course the Left plays with the truth as well, leaking out information that is helpful to their argument.

Somewhere in the middle there is the actual truth.

A Real Investigation

This country deserves an impartial jury that hears from ALL witnesses and reviews ALL documents involving the issues with Ukraine, withheld funding, and pressure to announce an investigations on the Bidens.

Now, I said this on our last round table video session but I want to make it clear here as well.

If Joe or Hunter Biden are indeed guilty, they should be prosecuted!

BUT, it should have been done “by the book” and not involved withholding congressionally approved funds.

The same with Hilary, Obama, Comey, etc, etc, etc… if they committed crimes that can be proven, then by all means they should be prosecuted.

The problem here is, those claims have been largely disproven.

We haven’t had a chance to see everything on this issue because Trump has blocked congress at every possible turn.

Which is why he was impeached yesterday for Obstruction of Congress.

Graham and McConnell pledging undying loyalty to DJT and refusing to require further evidence at that stage is utterly appalling.

Once again I say, if this had been Obama that was caught like this, Republicans would be going absolutely ape shit and screaming for impeachment.

They just know that Pence hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the election. So they’re going to do whatever they possibly can to keep Trump in office.


We must have oversight, unobstructed oversight, and the people have a right to see and hear ALL of the evidence.

Remember, our government works for us and therefore ultimately must answer to us.

Refusing to do so is unAmerican and if things keep going the way they have been, I’m afraid that lying is going to be the least of our worries soon.

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