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Cryptocurrency News Highlights: Week of March 24, 2019

by Meredith Loughran

Crypto Trader News is proud to present our top trending posts for the Week of March 24, 2019, highlighting articles that are moving at the speed of business.

How Will Blockchains Change Organizations

From IBM to Microsoft, and from Oracle to Ford, some of the biggest companies in the world have been exploring blockchain and its effectiveness in their respective industries in some form or fashion.

Read more about how blockchain technology is going to change organizations and industries.

What Is Fintech?

Short for “financial technology,” fintech is an umbrella term that looks at how technology relates to finance.

Read this article to learn more about fintech

AXA XL Partners with Assurely to Bring Investor Protection Insurance to Crowdfunding

French global insurance company AXA has partnered with insurtech firm, Assurely, to introduce insurance for investors who are stepping into crowdfunding. Dubbed as CrowdProtector, the insurance product will focus on online investment opportunities and the risks associated with them

Read more about investor protection insurance with AXA and Assurely

Everything You Need to Know About Tyler Winklevoss

If you’ve been following the news at all, you will recognize the Winklevoss name from the lawsuit against Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. But there’s more to Tyler Winklevoss.

Read more about Winklevoss and how he’s making waves in crypto

The IBM and Stellar (XLM) Blockchain Initiative

In another step toward integrating blockchain into a different component of the financial world, IBM has now announced a restricted phase of its worldwide payments network that will start its pilot phase with Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Read more about how IBM Worldwire and Stellar protocols can change utilization of blockchain technology

Free Ethereum – Is it Possible?

Whether you’re considering breaking out some bucks to set up a home mining operation or entering the sometimes mind-bending world of investing in cryptocurrency, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to actually earn free Ethereum.

While it is possible to earn free Ethereum we do provide some words of caution. Read about it.

Top Fintech Startups of 2019

There’s a plethora of startups cropping up giving investors and entrepreneurs plenty of projects to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the ones to watch as we move toward Q2.

Read more about the top FinTech startups of 2019

CTN Roundtable: Will crypto ever go mainstream?

This week, our team at Crypto Trader News discussed whether we thought crypto would ever go mainstream. What are your thoughts?

Read and chime in with your opinion on whether crypto will ever go mainstream

Blockchain Education

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers, companies and individuals alike are working hard to overcome the learning curve around blockchain. There are educational resources to stay abreast of this growing technology.

Read more about the education resources available to learn about blockchain

Everything You Need to Know About Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, the Russian-Canadian programmer just celebrated his 25th birthday and though he has been involved in the Bitcoin community since he was just 18. Known as the co-founder of Ethereum, his genius was evident since very early on.

Read more about Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum

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