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Is Pearlvine Mynt a Scam?

by Pragati Shrivastava

While our title is disturbing, there are many contributing factors that makes us ask: Is Pearlvine Mynt a scam? On the surface, Pearlvine Mynt has emerged as a peer-to-peer digital currency that permits payments across the globe. The coin employs quick and high-end servers to empower people to regulate their own finances. The coin facilitates quick confirmation times and high storage potential. Additionally, Pearlvine Mynt is a digital asset that can be bought and sold. PV Mynt and Mynt are a part of the payment system and the cryptocurrency has a limited supply.

Mynt is not vulnerable to inflators and defaulters and no replicas or counterfeits can be created. Its price is being controlled by usability, demand and supply. This all sounds legit.

Users that join the Pearlvine are a part of the worldwide network of voluminous PV Mynt patrons. Mynt purchasers have several benefits apart from just the price. For example, PV Mynt recently introduced a new and distinctive wallet string, which will set a new industry trade standard by storing KYC information.

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Mynt Wallet

The wallet will be live 24×7 and is tailored to customer and merchant needs for their numerous personal chores. Mynt is the biggest reserve currency and it could make it as a medium of exchange that replaces digital currencies with high volatility, however designed for the aim of exchanging digital info through a method created doable by bound principles. This and more such principles are used to secure the transactions and to regulate the creation of recent Mynt, typically noted as PV Mynt.

Mynt Red Flags

This digital currency is being marketed like MLM schemes. On careful observation and analysis, we conclude that it is a scam. MYNT is the result of a code fork of Ravencoin’s code base. Raven’s developers provide extra functionality and keeping up to date with important features regarding assets. MYNT’s team wanted to continue being ASIC resistant and keep their network out of the hands of being controlled by only a few entities. It has recently forked away from ASICs to keep true to this pledge.

This move appeals to GPU miners and it is being marketed as a community-oriented coin. The community seems to be doing the bulk of the legwork by helping guide the path of the coin as it is being developed. This is supposed to make it easy for everyone to get into cryptocurrency.

MYNT is a PoW coin and it runs on the X16s algorithm which is a shuffle based algorithm.

What does this mean?

The coin chooses a random order from among the algorithms to help fight ASICs. According to MYNT’s whitepaper, it has the capacity to have assets and sub assets under it. It can be easily mined easily and more details can be found here.

Back in October, Mynt tested an airdrop system for https://www.swiftex.co. The coin tested this through a small airdrop, and announced plans to do bigger and better things, however, they haven’t been active on social media and have no recent updates on its true progress. There doesn’t seem to be a roadmap for investors to follow.

Other concerns

It would seem that an important factor for a lot of crypto enthusiasts, is a roadmap, but the dev team doesn’t share updates and there isn’t much to learn about this cryptocurrency or wallet. Communication from the team is imperative to resolve fears or assure progress.

Their FAQ page has a lot of spin that sounds nice, but ultimately, any news coming from Pearlvine Mynt is from shillers trying to increase their network for potential earnings they may never get.

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