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Portfolio Boost: Altcoins to HODL in October

by Pragati Shrivastava

Sometimes change is good and autumn brings a change of season, the leaves change from green to an explosion of red, yellow, and orange, and people look at the crypto markets with hope that there will be a revival of altcoin support before the holidays. For the first time in two years, the markets are showing positive signs and portfolio performance will hopefully see profits as we find tokens to HODL in October.

Like apple picking season, now is the right time to pick up new altcoins or add to what you already have, but with over 2999 available altcoins to choose from, we’ve whittled down the list to just a handful of recommended tokens. The right approach is to consider groups of coins that hold the potential for adoption in the near future. For instance, privacy coins are a solid bet, but so are the tokens that are trying to integrate social media and blockchain technology. Projects bridging conventional technology with blockchain and cryptocurrency will be an important driver for mainstream adoption.

HODL in October


No doubt Ethereumwill still be one altcoin to beat in 2019. ETH has become the new standard to beat in low fees and fast transactions. There are a lot of ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum network at the moment that it will thrive for the foreseeable. ETH is something any crypto investor should think about having in 2019.

Privacy Coins

The idea of being able to transact privately without being surveilled by the state or by private corporations is catching up in the crypto world. Politically, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts oppose the intrusion of the state into our personal lives and support projects that undermine their power because it often makes it more difficult to apply. However, privacy coins like Monero or PIVX are great projects to HODL. For something newer, you could also look into XSPEC as it will be on another level than the others if it can pull off what it proposes.

Social Media Blockchain Apps

Projects like Tron,BitTorent and KIN have immediate potential for blockchain adoption and a lot of development in this regard is social media integration and monetization. Read more about Tron’s potential in 2019 here.

New Projects in 2019

While Ethereum and Bitcoin are the most famous blockchains, there are a number of newer competitors. Some of these are vying to be faster and more efficient such as IOTA, EOS and ADA.

Altcoins Replacing Fiat Currencies

The first use case for blockchain technology was executing decentralized financial transactions through the use of cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in this use case for blockchain, consider looking into XRP, which is also trying to replace fiat.

Top Utility Tokens

If you are interested in applications that are being built on top of blockchain technology, you might want to invest in utility tokens with specific applications – typically to access to a company’s product or service. THETA and TEL are two great utility tokens to HODL in October 2019.

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In the meantime, we want to hear from you. What are some of the conventional or non-conventional altcoins that you’ve invested in during this autumn season? We’d love to hear from you.

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