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Technical and Fundamental Outlook of Ripple (XRP)

by icosuccess
, Technical and Fundamental Outlook of Ripple (XRP)

Ripple has been making waves in crypto news and FinTech and it is important to lay out the technical and fundamental outlook of XRP before adding this to your trading and investment portfolio.

Ripple launches operations in Brazil, expanding its presence as a leader in international cross-border payment provider using its enterprise blockchain solutions. The company already has over a dozen financial institutions from Brazil on RippleNet, which is a network of institutional payment providers like money services and banks to be a “frictionless experience” for sending money globally. Services on RippleNet, which includes Banco Rendimento, Santander Brazil, and BeeTech, enjoy a reduction in substantially lower transaction fees. For example, BeeTech on RippleNet drops from $20 USD to $2 USD and includes seconds-long transaction times compared to three to five days with Santander Brazil.

Ripple, the cross-border remittance platform, is seeing an increase of about two to three financial instruments added on the RippleNet per week. Let’s review some of the exciting news and technical price patterns that are driving the price of the XRP.

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