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Try Lolli for Bitcoin Rewards Back

by Alan Daniel

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have three ways to obtain crypto, buy it, mine it, or earn it. The first one is the most popular while opportunities for earning cryptocurrency (especially bitcoins) are scant.

Thankfully, bitcoin entrepreneurs are stepping into the sector and building products which allow people to earn cryptocurrency in seamless ways. One of the most compelling applications on the market is an app called Lolli.

What is Lolli?

Credit card companies offer cards that offer points when you shop, Lolli offers bitcoin rewards when you shop.

With Lolli, you can browse a website, find a great deal, and receive something in addition to the initial savings. Lolli is a bitcoin rewards site that lets you earn bitcoin when you shop online. This site has retail partners that give them a percentage of sales which they then give a portion back to you.

Earn with Lolli

You have several options to earn bitcoin while shopping with Lolli. After you make an account with Lolli, you can either go onto www.lolli.com and look for the retailer you would like to purchase something from or you can install a browser extension (which will automatically give you bitcoin once your order has been finalized).

Lolli does have security measures to ensure that your bitcoin is kept safe.

You are not required, however, to keep your bitcoin with Lolli you can choose to withdraw to a bitcoin address or once you have a balance of $15 to transfer to a USD bank account.

It costs to make a withdrawal. The fees for bitcoin withdrawal are the current miners’ fees and for withdrawal to a USD bank account costs 25 cents.

Need to Know

There is a lock up period which is 30-90 days after purchase until your rewards are finalized. This finalization is so that the returns period has passed, and Lolli can confirm with the retailer the details of the purchase.

Once you make a purchase you are given an estimated bitcoin value. When the purchase is confirmed and the returns period has passed you are given a finalized value, so your wallet might periodically fluctuate.

Lolli tries to get the highest percentage back from retailers and tries to have a wide variety of retailers to choose from.

No Double Earning
Other sites that are like Lolli (in that they offer cash back) may not be used with Lolli.

Additional Earning, Safety, Access
To earn the highest amount of bitcoin, refer friends and family. If you accidently delete Lolli you can rest assured in knowing that your information is kept secure and all you would need to do is download Lolli and log back in.

Lolli does not have a mobile app, as such, it is best to use a desktop for the best possible experience. If you would like to shop on mobile Lolli is working on a mobile app, but in the meantime you could go to www.lolli.com/stores and shop as you normally would.

Start from this site on mobile to ensure that you receive bitcoin for your purchase. Lolli currently has extensions for Chrome and Safari and more browser extensions are on the way.

Feel free to suggest a potential browser to Lolli and they may add it in the future.

Open To US Bitcoiners Only
Lolli currently only works in the U.S., but you can e-mail Lolli with information about your location and they will let you know once it is available in your area.

Shop Away

Happy shopping bitcoiners.

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