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Get Paid To Trade With All Of Us

by Alan Daniel
, Get Paid To Trade With All Of Us

Its a dog eat dog world out there.

It’s a fact that rings true for traditional finance and emerging fintech firms as well.

One new firm wants to disrupt the disrupters by adding more value to the end customer.

A new firm is enticing trading enthusiasts with the ability to earn more by trading. Instead of paying to trade, traders will get paid to conduct their regular activities.

The company, aptly named, All Of Us, states via its website “Why should your online broker make money on your transactions without paying you your fair share? Join our wait list today. The first 10,000 people to join get 100% of our earnings in their account back for the first year.”

All Of Us Leaves Stealth Mode at Finnovate

All Of Us is an innovative self-directed investment platform that provides zero commission trading like Robinhood, and M1 Finance. All Of Us takes it to the next level and gives people another incentive to trade using its platform.

The entity earns money similar to Robinhood, by selling data and capturing value on excess capital. According to Investment News, All Of Us, will earn and capture a small percent (0.5%) before distributing earnings back to its customers. The emerging fintech firm aims to be transparent by providing users with information on how it will earn its revenues.

The CEO, Alan Grujic, commented: “we’ve built a solution that is a multisided investment platform, social channel and trusted financial adviser in one, and we’ve done it by keeping our revenue model open, fair and honest.”

All Of US and Expanded Offerings

All Of US participants can expect to have many of the features that they’d experience with a traditional brokerage and more.

Paid Lending
This fintech firm will have a fully paid lending program, allowing individuals to earn interest on loans lent out. Users must enroll in the program by signing a Masters Securities Lending Agreement and can exit the program at any time. Stocks will be lent automatically, and users may continue to buy and sell shares as they please.

Margin Trading
All Of Us will also provide margin trading to its users. Margin borrowers must have at least $2,000 in margin equity.

Options and Digital Currencies
The leadership team at All Of Us would like to offer options and digital asset trading at a later date.

A Creative and Bold Strategy by All Of Us ?

Zero fee commissions is now the brokerage way. Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers recently announced that they would go the zero commission route. Everything changed when the Robinhood app came out with its innovative commission model, traditional brokerages had to rethink their model. Of course, just like with Tesla electrification and traditional car manufacturers, change didn’t happen immediately.

Eventually, the respective established players started to reform (as of this week).

But here’s a little secret.

Discount brokerages earn much more revenues in other ways, commissions are now an after thought.

Traditional discount brokerages earn in multiple ways:

  • Interest on stored capital
  • Interest on margin
  • Fees related to loans
  • Fees from partners (high frequency trading firms and others)
  • Commissions on trades

The genius of Robinhood is that they took friction away in an area where the consumer would appreciate it the most while not substantially hurting or taking away from its initial or future profits.

All Of Us pushes the boundaries even further by giving earnings back to users.

The upstart must optimize for growth, bring in a substantial base of users, and carve out its place within this sector.

What better way to optimize for growth than tapping into inherent viral social dynamics and tapping into network effects, and other potential growth components?

Indeed, one compelling and interesting feature is that of its social integrations. Inherent and exciting social features might help to increase growth and add an element of additional fun to trading. Alan Grujic, the CEO of All Of Us commented to CryptoTraderNews “All of Us’ social elements include the ability to join a league with individuals and track your investment strategy and outcomes against theirs.”

See, fun! But there’s more to its social design.

He further notes that these social elements may create “the opportunity to participate in and initiate surveys, to get a sense for sentiment across All of Us users on a wide variety of topics that could influence your investment strategy.”

Collaborative investing might be an interesting feature or use case. Applications and virtual spaces like Peeptrade, Fintwitter, Stocktwits, Seeking Alpha, and others aggregate information and enhance value in specific ways.

Grujic noted “Additionally, there is the opportunity to connect with other like minded investors to share tips and tricks, experience, trends to take note of, or any other kinds of social interactions individuals would like to have around their investments.”

A great design that optimizes for social interaction might propel such an application forward even in a potential downturn, Grujic seems to be thinking along those lines.

He notes “the purpose of the social platform is to give investors, for the first time, a chance to learn from the wisdom of others, share their own experiences, elicit feedback or take part in friendly competition. All of Us is meant to be an environment where individuals can move away from siloed investing that can be isolating, and take greater advantage of group insights and opportunities.”

The pay users to trade mantra is fascinating, especially, when we look at it from a cryptocurrency perspective. The best cryptocurrency models perfectly aligns all participants within the system. The right design attracts a strong community and propels cryptocurrency tokens forward for the long-term. All Of Us seems to take on similar dynamics, aligning all of its stakeholders and investors in a way that makes sense.

The current discount brokerage model is in flux and new entrants have the opportunity to build operations and cultures around new strategies.

All Of Us will launch in the first quarter of 2020.

Interested users can sign up for the waitlist here.

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