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Crypto Trader News Highlights: Week of October 6, 2019

by Meredith Loughran

Crypto Trader News is proud to present our top trending posts for the week leading up to October 6, 2019, highlighting articles that are moving at the speed of business. Have you registered to be a Crypto Trader News Pro? Get the latest in market analysis, reviews, trade tips and insightful articles directly to your inbox.

Crypto Trader News’ First Treasure Hunt Winners

Our COO, Tony Lewis has announced the winners of the First Treasure Hunt on Crypto Trader News! Visit the link to find out who they are. Who knows… It could be YOU. Check your email and be sure to sign up for our Treasure Hunt contest!

Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful Backs Blockchain Book

You might know Kevin O’Leary from the hit TV show, SHARK TANK and he’s left an amazing video review of Behold The Cryptopreneurs! A book authored by Crypto Trader News’ CEO, Dennis H. Lewis! Visit the link to find out what the hubbub’s about.


Stocks are Crashing – How is Crypto Responding?

The economic outlook appears to be grim as U.S. stocks hit a one-month low, with last Wednesday’s drop the sharpest in over six weeks. Private sector hiring and manufacturing has slowed down amidst fears of a trade war with China which is hurting the economy. Stocks are seemingly crashing. How is the cryptocurrency market responding to world news?

More People Fear A Recession

Global uncertainty, U.S. – China relations on trade, a harrowing week on the stock market and crypto is still down. More and more people are getting nervous but are their recession fears founded? Find out more about the world goings on and how it’s moving the markets.

Is Eurocoin A Threat To Libra?

The competition for a stablecoin that has a country’s support is ramping up, and more and more government agencies are wondering why not develop their own crypto token instead of relying on Silicon Valley. Is Libra coin in jeopardy if Eurocoin actually becomes a reality?


Will Ethereum Cross $200 This Weekend?

It’s been a tough few weeks for crypto. Today, our focus will be on Ethereum. We’ll look at the charts to see if there is any indication that ETH will cross the $200 threshold this weekend. Looking at the chart, the market has remained fairly stagnant. Read on to see how close our ETH price predictions were.

Bitcoin Price Today – October 5th, 2019

What’s happening around the crypto world and how it is affecting Bitcoin prices? On October 5th, BTC price was around $8,090. The good news is that the bitcoin price is range-bound. Visit the link to see what else is happening that is perhaps guiding the price of Bitcoin.


What Cryptopreneurs Can Learn From Amazon Care

Amazon looks at what matters to the customer and its employees, it then spends a great deal of time in how it approaches and solves the problem, adding convenience and efficiency to the life of the end user. What is Amazon working on as far as healthcare? Find out in Crypto Trader News.

Why Millennials Love Roth IRAs

Investing is about keeping the current value of your money while substantially increasing its value over time. We know that inflation, taxes, and bad investments eat away at your capital, so learning about ways to minimize risk and maximize gains always helps. Why do millennials love Roth IRAs? Find out on Crypto Trader News.

Crypto Trader Digest: What to Buy, HODL and Sell this Week

This week cryptocurrency prices are moving closer to the dreaded death cross. It’s likely that it made an appearance on the charts of Bitcoin and other Altcoins and this hints at an extended downtrend ahead. Read on to see what we predict to be the best crypto to buy, hold or sell this week.


World’s Largest Banks Investing $63 Million On Blockchain Digital Currency

Some of the world’s largest banking entities are investing a significant amount of money to develop blockchain digital currency for inter-banking use. JP Morgan has been developing their JPM coin for a couple of years and now Fnality International is seriously looking into blockchain tech for remittances.


Do Central Banks Need Digital Currency

Do central banks really need digital currency in the form of stablecoin, cryptocurrency or digital assets? Amidst rising tension from the U.S.-China trade war, Beijing started working on its centralized digital currency – but do central banks really need a digital asset or are they just going along with the trends?

Get Paid To Trade With All Of Us

One new firm wants to disrupt the disrupters by adding more value to the end customer. This new firm is enticing trading enthusiasts with the ability to earn more by trading so, instead of paying to trade, traders will get paid to conduct their regular activities. The company is All Of Us. Find out more about them on Crypto Trader News.

JP Morgan Optimizes WePay To Offer Same-Day Deposits

According to CNBC, JP Morgan Chase Bank is stepping up its fintech processes by optimizing its fintech platform, WePay. Find out more about how WePay works and how it’s bringing value to fintech and remittance technology.


Entrepreneurship and Crypto with Dennis Lewis of Behold the Cryptopreneurs

CEO of Crypto Trader News and author of Behold the Cryptopreneurs, Dennis Lewis, has recently been invited to SOAR Payment’s fintech podcast! Visit the link to listen to the podcast interview.

Can Agatha Bacelar Make Crypto in the U.S. Great Again?

Agatha Bacelar is a Stanford Engineer and she’s running against senior democrat, Nancy Pelosi, in California’s 12th Congressional District. Bacelar is accepting crypto for campaign donations and she’s got some pretty crypto friendly ideas to bring to Congress if she’s elected. Can Agatha make crypto in the U.S. great again?

50% of the World to Use Bitcoin by 2020

Would it be remarkable to think that 50% of the world would use Bitcoin by the year 2020? With so many enterprises looking into digital assets and developing their own cryptocurrency, it is not a big surprise that half the population will be using Bitcoin by 2020. What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.

Is Libra Really A Cryptocurrency?

When Libra was announced by the Facebook team, with its ambition to disrupt the finance world, blockchain experts poured over the technical details of the Libra protocol testnet and government entities began to hold hearings about safety concerns. The debate continues as to whether Libra is really a cryptocurrency. Read on to find out more.


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