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Primary Bid Gives Retail Investors Institutional Access

by Alan Daniel
, Primary Bid Gives Retail Investors Institutional Access

Primary Bid is a firm based in the United Kingdom, that aims to connect exchange-listed companies to retail investors for more cost-effective stock issuance. The company is focused on improving the lives of potential investors and shareholders by providing them with access to similar capabilities as institutions and wealthy individuals.

Primary bid states, “our goal is to allow retail investors across the Eurozone access to discounted share issuances for any European public company.”

This feature provides immense exposure to a whole host of companies growing within the vast Eurozone region.

The Primary Bid Value

The value with Primary Bid is that the average, everyday investor can be on a similar footing with the heavyweights in the financial industry (at least, in some aspects). Primary Bid provides individuals with “exclusive access to new share issues from listed companies, at the same discount as institutions.” As such, individuals can now connect with new share issuances at a discounted rate and have similar privileges as institutions with no additional fees or expenses.

Primary Bid is a regulated platform and has reached across the Eurozone, with partners like Euronext, making it an up and coming entity to watch within the financial sector.

The CEO of Primary Bid commented, as reported by TechCrunch, “everyday investors are a vital part of the stock market and yet unable to buy discounted share deals – a longstanding imbalance in the public markets. This is true whether it is a government selling down it’s holding in a large company or a quoted company is raising growth capital. Our platform addresses this challenge, giving small investors the same access as traditionally afforded to large institutional investors.”

The product should be simple to use and very valuable for investors within the Eurozone region.

Primary Bid and Open Financial Access

Primary Bid matters because it shows that the mass consumer in the investing sector is of significant value and substance. Companies such as Acorns, TryDonut, Robinhood, Square, Softbank and its many subsidiaries, have won or will win by investing in critical segments and massive consumer applications.

They solve a problem that affects the many and ever-growing emerging market participants and continue to scale.

Further, more fintech providers seek to simplify and bring more access to the mainstream individual. Hoping to bring unprecedented access, the likes of which have never been seen before for the everyday person.

Competition in this sector should also be quite fascinating as more startups akin to Robinhood will likely add similar features to stay relevant within the marketplace.

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