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Behold the Cryptopreneurs! Blockchain Book of the Year is Here.

by Matthew Harris

What’s the difference between a crypto-investor and a cryptopreneur?

What did Henry Ford do to become considered as the very first cryptopreneur?

And what the heck does a feathered squirrel with psychological problems have to do with any of it?

Well, the answer for all of these questions turns out out to be —

Quite a lot!

In his new book “Behold the Cryptopreneurs,” Dennis Lewis seeks to open eyes and force people in the industry to put on their thinking caps once and for all.

Taking the time to author this book out of sheer frustration, Dennis points out some glaring issues with ICOs, blockchain startups, and even the casual investors and in a straightforward tone and relatable language, explains what’s needed to fix it.

Don’t misunderstand me here though. This isn’t a technical “how to” manual or another “what is blockchain” book. It goes much deeper than that. It’s about clearing up misconceptions, defining key aspects of the industry, and changing destructive mindsets.

If all you’re worried about is profit and accolades, this isn’t the book for you.

For those that are truly excited about the huge potential of blockchain technology and altcoins and are tired of hype and bullshit, Dennis cuts through the crap and tells it how it is.

Dennis starts by defining exactly what sets cryptopreneurs apart from the pack and includes the vast array of tools at your disposal and why you should use them. For many readers, this will likely be one of the sections that resonates home the most. If every wannabe ICO, IEO, and blockchain startup would take the time to read and reread the wealth of knowledge contained just within these few pages of the book, our industry would be a lot better off.

From there, which is only about 1/4 of the way through, the book only gets better.

Not one to sugarcoat his opinion, Dennis explains how Zuckerberg basically screwed up society and why “tech titans” like him leave more than a little to be desired. Especially for long-term sustainable and transformational businesses.

Behold, the crypto-geezer. While I’m not sure that these guys and gals would really care to be called a geezer in other settings, Dennis quickly explains that the term is endearing and why they are necessary to the industry. Crypto geezers are simply experienced entrepreneurs that see the potential of blockchain technology and are bringing their real-world, time-tested experience to the fold in order to see it through to fruition.

This book quickly busts the utopia fallacy open and ensures that the reader understands the true “anonymous” nature of blockchain, as well as why we should reject the whole “no tax” shouts from less-than-stellar traders and exchanges. However, it’s when he turns his sights on explaining to would-be startups exactly what they need to do to ensure success that Dennis really starts to shine.

His years as a CEO and business leader combined with his knowledge of the crypto world is exactly the sort of thing the industry needs. He provides a well thought out explanation of tokens and provides cryptopreneurs a plan of action for the very first collaboration meeting and some expert tips on accounting in blockchain, as well as some real-world information that many leaders could use these days.

The man really knows his stuff.

Think your token isn’t a security token? You need to read this book.

Got an IEO planned and think you know all you need to about blockchain marketing? Think again.

Dennis said from the outset that he wrote this book out of frustration, but it’s clear that there is another underlying reason. He wants to make the industry a better place. By refocusing attention from bull markets and making as much money as quickly as possible, he’s attempting to get leaders to key in on what matters — enhancing people’s lives.

He breaks his thought process down into an easy-to-read lecture of sorts that explains to the reader exactly why he is taking the stance that he is. As I said earlier, this isn’t simply another “what is blockchain” eBook. Dennis shares his unique insight into the industry with a sense of urgency that is hard to ignore.

I love his style, it’s straightforward and from the hip, exactly what oh-so-many in the industry need right now. While the book could have used a professional editor simply due to inadvertent typos and grammar errors, it still comes across as extremely professional and knowledgeable.

If you’re a true crypto-enthusiast and want to set yourself apart from the throngs of wannabes, you definitely need to read this book.

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