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Content Marketing NEEDS to Sell | Cryptopreneurs

by Icosuccess

Tired of slaving over creating content that hits the market and flops?
Chances are someone sold you on the lies of content marketing…

If you want to drive real results you have to ignore the conventional wisdom:

✅ Publish often
✅ Keep it short
✅ Don’t try to sell

Did you know these are all lies?

In this video Dennis Lewis will reveal the true secrets of content marketing!


Hey, today I'm gonna tell you some lies.

I wanna share with you the five lies of content marketing, and how you need to know them, to avoid falling into very dangerous traps.

The first thing that you're gonna hear, and you must not believe, do not believe when somebody tells you this lie. Great content marketing shouldn't be salesy. That is a lie.

If you're not trying to sell something, what the hell are you doing? Content marketing should sell, it must sell. You're doing your audience a favor by selling them your products. After all, think about it this way, if your products solve a problem, and make their lives better, don't you owe it to your audience to be telling them about it?

Now I'm not saying that you need to jump down their throats like used car salesman on an old B-Roll movie. No, but great content should sell. Content marketing is marketing. It's goal is to sell. So Lie Number one, Content Marketing shouldn't sell.

Lie Number two, nobody reads long content that is just not true. Okay? It needs to be as long as it needs to be. Don't worry, if it needs to be a book and long, make it a book long. Its okay? Sure, attention spans are shorter, yeah, maybe they won't read it all in one sitting, maybe they'll forget, maybe some people will be put off in the go away. But if what you have to say is worthwhile, engaging, well written, interesting, and speaks to real problems that real people have, they will pay attention. Okay? The longer it is, if it is well done and meaty and thought through, it's okay. Don't worry about it being too long.

Lie number three, business content shouldn't be opinionated. God forbid we offend somebody. No offend them, go for it. Say what you believe. Don't make things, don't be wishy washy. Okay? Look, I think Trump is a lousy president, Okay? maybe that just turns you off. Facts are facts. He's a lousy president. But that's not the point, business content needs to be opinionated. People don't want to be lullabied a into a sale. They want to know who you are, what you stand for, what you believe, and you've got to be brave enough to stand up and say it, so, don't fall into the trap of being so goody goody that you can't express your opinion. Okay? And if somebody doesn't like your opinion, they're gonna go elsewhere. 'Okay, goodbye. No problem'. Hey, that's right. You love wearing your red cap, bye. Don't Don't worry. You don't have to listen to this video, if you don't want to. That's fine. Okay, there're plenty of people that agree with me, and there're Plenty of people who don't agree with me, but are still interested in what I have to say because I tried my best, to give you some real value.

Lie number four, you have to publish super often in order to be heard. Okay, that's not true. It's much better to publish less, but with higher quality and deeper thought, and better put together, than to just think that you have to put out a blog post every week. Okay? Sure, I mean, once a year might not be much, but it's probably not worth it. But don't fall into the trap that you have to be slaved to a schedule, that you can't keep up with, or that reduces the quality of what you have to say, because there's nothing worse than mediocre content. So, you don't have to publish every day, you don't have to publish every week, you don't have to publish every month, if you don't want to. Okay? But whatever you decide is your frequency, try to be consistent, and make sure it's the damn best content you can put together.

And that brings me to the last of the five lies, that small companies can't create amazing content. That's just not true. Okay? They can, you can compete with the big boys. Alright? That doesn't mean you're gonna have all the slick production value, maybe you're not going to have everything as polished and neat and Whiz-Bangy, that's okay. But it's all about connecting with your audience. It's all about caring about what happens to them, about making their problems go away, and making content that helps them get over their problems. And if you do that, people are gonna to listen, and they're going to respect you. Okay? Even if you say Trump's a bad president, it doesn't matter, okay? Because you care about them. So, small companies, solo preneurs, and tiny little cryptopreneurs, you can do it. Okay.? Now I'm not saying it's easy, It takes work, It takes effort. Content isn't easy to create, but when you do it, And you do it 100% as best you can, it will work. Okay?

Anyway, what do you think? What's your take on content marketing? Thanks for listening in, share with me what you think, Talk to you soon.

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