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Dosist Is the Modern Wellness Brand Experience

by Alan Daniel

Dosist was founded in California as a wellness startup and the company is rebranding cannabis as a health and wellness product.

What makes it different from the local dispensaries is that it caters to people who are unsure of the correct dosage.

It makes life easier for those who want to experience these products without any hassles.

What You Need to Know about Dosist

The company was first found in 2016 under a different name, hmbldt, and went on to be ranked on Time Magazine’s 25 best inventions in the same year. Time Magazine described them as one option that could replace pills.

Dosist has a current product range of six pens with their own custom formulas. These are bliss, sleeps, calm, passion, arouse, and relief.

Each pen measures out to a precise dose of 2.25 mg.

As a wellness startup, the business makes the pens out of recyclable medical grade plastic. All cannabis which is used in Dosist is taken from family farms in California which strictly follow biodynamic and organic farming practices.

Dosist is not another company looking to cash in on cannabis. Winston, a leader at the company said, “the company is trying to go beyond cannabis.” Further, it is trying to help people manage their health and be happy. The firm is a modern wellness company that believes in all natural ingredients and an alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals in the form of something mother nature made.

But more than that, what is really catching everyone’s attention is the new and intriguing Dosist concept store. They now have two stores; both with a modern, chic, and simple design which makes is aesthetically pleasing.

Winston has a vision that is an extension of the traditional brick and mortar outlet, a customer experience that sets a new standard in the cannabis consumer shopping experience.

As such, the store is an experience in itself. Once you enter you are greeted by a Dosist guide who takes you through the plant paradise built inside a tunnel. Upon entry, you notice the maple wood and limestone interior which creates a calming aura.

Against this backdrop is the complete range of Dosist. One of the important things to notice is that Dosist takes an ethical approach in all its business aspects and that extends to the materials it uses.

The location is only a couple of blocks from the HQ, and is proving to be an excellent way for the company to attract first time cannabis users ever since the legalization of the substance.

Dosist and Future Ambitions

Dosist is set to be just like Nike, Apple or Chanel which have both their own flagship spaces and retail partners. The firm doesn’t want to worry about low volume in sales due to lack of accessibility.

The ultimate goal is to build a wellness brand that reaches a wide audience.

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