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Elon Musk, NeuraLink and Artificial Intelligence in Cryptocurrency

by Alan Daniel

Cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) are perhaps two of the most revolutionary forms of technology. From financial innovation to data processing, these technologies are slowly yet certainly proving themselves to be capable of changing the world.

But even with their impressive use cases and their ability to modify our perception of everyday processes, both technologies had been operating separately.

Elon Musk and Neuralink

One of the companies making strides in combining human and artificial intelligence is Neuralink, which is the brainchild of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

Founded and owned by Elon Musk, Neuralink is as a neurotechnology firm. The aim of the company is different from those in biotech, it is developing implantable brain-machine interfaces.

If this sounds oddly familiar to technology presented in a Black Mirror episode, its cause it is. The billionaire entrepreneur is proposing is to provide people with implantable tech which would let them control numerous neurological functions, and in some cases, communicate with machines.

It was recently reported that the amalgamation of human and artificial intelligence technology is all ready to start human trials by 2020. The aim with the implants is for humans to communicate with intelligent computer devices and apps just by thinking of the desired action.

For instance, if someone wants to make a financial transaction, then they could simply think about transferring a certain amount of cryptocurrency to another party. And just like that, the transfer would get executed by an artificial intelligence-powered device with ease.

Once again, the goal is very ambitious. But Elon Musk is doubling down on his efforts to make this all possible by recruiting top talent in bioengineering and neurosciences for Neuralink.

While Musk pushes the boundaries to make all of this a reality, there are other initiatives in the cryptocurrency space that are combining digital assets with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Cryptocurrency

There are more than a few examples of how cryptocurrency is combining artificial intelligence into its day to day processes.

Project Pai

Based on creating personal avatars in digital form by using artificial intelligence, Project Pai is using blockchain technology and the usage of cryptocurrencies to support its operations.

The project aims to provide people with a way to record their “online personalities” and pave the way for others to interact with them. This would open doors to the use of personal assistants, as well as preserving a part of one’s personality in a digital form.

The project is still active.


Fetch is yet another blockchain based project that uses the combination of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence to supplement its operations.

The project revolves around the idea of creating “Smart Agents”, which are artificial intelligence-powered programs capable of completing financial decisions by themselves. This takes the concept of automation one step further and lets these agents think for themselves.

The project continues to bring on new team members to focus on research.


Cortex brings together cryptocurrency with artificial intelligence to create artificial intelligence decentralized applications (DApps).

The platform aims to make it possible for new DApps to be created with the help of AI. And it is intending for these apps to perform an array of functions over various segments.

They’ve just recently released the mainnet and the project continues to press on.

Intersection of AI and Crypto in General

The combination of cryptocurrency with artificial intelligence looks promising. And it is in no way dependent on ambitious solutions such as the ones proposed by Elon Musk or Neuralink.

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