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Is Blockchain the Only Way to Keep Trump Honest?

by Matthew Harris
Is Blockchain the Only Way to Keep Trump Honest?

With the 2020 Presidential election already starting to make headlines, at least on certain Twitter feeds, a couple of recent ones gave me a bit of déjà vu and forced me to revisit a topic I explored exactly a month prior to writing this piece.

However, as opposed to simply discussing blockchain’s ability to bring transparency to voting systems around the world, I want to take a harder look at what’s going on here at home. Now, since I know how hardline the current administration’s supporters can be, I want to preface this article with a disclaimer that these views, opinions, and musings are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of my fellow CTN staff members or others associated with the site.

That being said, I want to also take a moment to point out that I am Texas born and bred, have always said I can live anywhere… as long as it’s in Texas, and as such I’ve naturally been a Republican and party supporter for the bulk of my life. I was also vehemently patriotic long before it was the “in thing” post 9/11 and a good portion of my tattoos are American eagles. So if you’re normally so inclined, you can forego the “democrap,” “crazy left,” and whatever other monikers you generally resort to in these situations.

But Trump has ruined the gene pool!

With over 10,000 lies and counting there is a lot that I could go into today, but my focus is on a specific set of lies. Shortly after the 2016 election, Trump inaccurately and without a shred of supporting evidence claimed that there were “millions” of illegal votes that resulted in Hillary winning the popular vote, a claim that even his quickly disbanded Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity could find no inkling of.

But that hasn’t deterred him from continuing to make those claims even today, still insisting that he only lost due to Democratic elections officials fabricating ballots in order to steal elections. Trump doubled down in the November 2018 elections by once again making outlandish claims without any offering of facts to back it up that Dems were voting and then going to their cars and “put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.”

Now, flash-forward to the past oh, let’s say 30 days, and unless you’re a die hard Trump supporter, an unbreakable Republican, or have just been completely ignoring all politically related news, you almost have to be disturbed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi voiced it best when she stated that unless Dems win BIG in 2020, Trump is likely to contest the election results. This is where blockchain could make all the difference in the world.. literally.

Trump has proven time and time again that he has zero regard for political norms, established protocols, the average American, or more recently, the law, Constitution, and co-equal branches of government. With Republican lead state Legislatures attempting to overturn Roe v. Wade and either reduce or totally remove women’s rights within their states and even more states looking at similar actions, it has to be a frightening time for millions of women and pro choice advocates across the country.

Trump’s lack of denouncing PROVEN Russian election interference, his thousands upon thousands of easily verifiable lies, bullying, childish name calling, and refusal to testify in front of Mueller or cooperate with ongoing investigations should be enough to worry the mass majority of voters, but his blatant attacks on our election system should elicit alarm bells across the board.

Especially considering he STILL won’t admonish Putin and has gone as far as disputing our intelligence agencies and his own officials regarding the election interference. Why? Because imagine this… Trump loses 2020 but there is evidence that Russia once again has their fingers fatly entrenched. With the “no collusion” findings from Mueller and Trump’s numerous false claims of voter fraud, how far of a stretch is it going to be for him to claim Putin turned against him because of sanctions or some other non-existent reason?

With 18 months until the election, now is the time for blockchain developers to step forward. Election results that are verifiable and indisputable would immediately eliminate any possibility for voter fraud and squash any fears of Trump refusing to vacate office in the event of a narrow loss.

The country has given up on trying to get the President to stop spreading falsehoods and outright lies, but in this aspect, blockchain technology could at least rein him in. His base wholeheartedly and unabashedly believe anything he says or tweets and of course if Fox News says it, then it’s gospel, and it’s imperative that the upcoming election be free from any possibility of fraud, corruption, or unsubstantiated claims of such.

With the right foundations creating it and the right oversight committees, a blockchain based voting system would solve voting issues here and around the world. Those in the cryptoverse know that this extremely important endeavor would actually be quite easy to design and deploy, but there has to be plenty of time to prove to the “powers that be” that this solution is the answer we all need.

Then, if Trump is reelected, he can stay in office and move forward knowing that he actually did indeed win the votes this time, and if he loses we can hopefully put those democracy endangering and downright unAmerican and childish claims to rest once and for all.

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