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Mark Cuban: “Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and it’s hard to use”

by Tony Lewis

Mark Cuban isn’t a big fan of crypto. Nor bitcoin. And to be honest that’s totally fine with me. Couldn’t care less. But, the reasons that he gives for being against cryptocurrencies are either very lame or plain false.

In the video above you’ll see me responding to some of these arguments:

“Bitcoin is only worth what people are willing to pay for it”

True. Just like anything in life.

“Bitcoin has no intrinsic value”

This is extremely lame. Nothing has intrinsic value by nature. Intrinsic value is assigned the moment there is demand for something. Today, there are people willing to pay thousands of dollars for one bitcoin. Hence, Bitcoin has more intrinsic value than most single products out there.

“99% of the population finds it hard to use Bitcoin”

This is plain false. Bitcoin is not hard to use. The freedom that Bitcoin gives you comes at a cost, which is educating yourself on how to be safe inside the crypto space. But, to say that Bitcoin is hard to use is plain dumb.

“Gold and Bitcoin won’t save you from a depression”

This is actually true.

These are probably the biggest points that I respond to in the video.

Listen in, and if you disagree with me on anything be sure to let me know!

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