Home Insights Elon Musk’s Cheeky Tweet and Week in Review | January 19, 2020

Elon Musk’s Cheeky Tweet and Week in Review | January 19, 2020

by Meredith Loughran
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From cheeky tweets from Elon Musk, to interesting business and stocks to keep an eye on for investment options, to thinking about cryptocurrency in times of economic distress, our Week in Review highlights all of our articles from the week leading up to January 19, 2020. Please give us a like and share it with your friends.

Bitcoin News

Elon Musk Says “Bitcoin is Not My Safe Word”

It’s only been a decade since Bitcoin’s launch and several influencers from all walks of life and interests love to remark on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency one way or another. Many prominent personalities including Elon Musk have commented on it as well. Because of his popularity in tech communities and with entrepreneurs, Elon Musk’s opinion has a lot of sway, even when it’s a cheeky tweet.

How Many People Own Bitcoin?

For Bitcoin traders and investors, one of the most important signals is the cryptocurrency’s health which is indicated by number of Bitcoin wallets, transactions, and market capitalization, pretty much in that order, but is that an accurate way to know how many people own Bitcoin?

Is Bitcoin a Shelter in Times of War and Economic Distress?

In 2020, Bitcoin has started off to a great start. Over the past week, the asset has gained over 5% of its value. The price of cryptocurrencies depends on demand and supply, however, in times of geopolitical crises, Bitcoin’s price skyrockets. There seems to be a see-saw effect; a balance between good economic times and plunging crypto prices, and vice versa. It begs the question, is Bitcoin a shelter for volatile times?

How to Earn Bitcoin With the Lightning Network

Lightning Network is Bitcoin network’s long awaited solution to the scalability woes; a technological experiment that will add value to the Bitcoin ecosystem. While still in the beta stage, the Lightning Network acts as a second-layer protocol operating on the Bitcoin blockchain and there are opportunities to earn Bitcoin with the Lightning Network. Find out how on Crypto, Trader, News.

Easiest Way To Accumulate Bitcoin Before Halving

If you’re checking out this article, you are definitely an adopter waiting for BTC to cross the last ATH. Bitcoin was hovering around $8800 last week and apparently seems to be dropping to around the $8600 range over the weekend. Is this a good time to get some more? We share other ways to accumulate Bitcoin before the halving. Some ways might be riskier than others so never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Altcoin News

The Death of HEX as Funds are Siphoned Out

It didn’t take rocket science to see that HEX was a scam. We’d written a few articles about it on Crypto, Trader, News. but now there seems to be proof positive that HEX is dead – or very nearly so. We’ve got a screenshot and Etherscan tells no lies.

What’s a Legal Way to Set up a DAO?

Traditionally, central governments have been the ones providing governance and bureaucracy but now blockchain and smart contracts are using governance technologies that have the potential to provide higher levels of transparency while reducing bureaucracy with self-enforcing code. The next phase of organizations has been slowly creeping into enterprise and they are setting up a DAO to stay on trend.

Cent Updates and How to Earn With It

2019 was a busy year for Cent. The project has been continuously innovating on incentive structure design and User Experience. It wasn’t only about growth, there was an increase in functionality like messaging, following and tagging. We highlight what the Cent updates are and how you can earn with it.


Is Fiverr Stock a Good Buy Right Now?

Fiverr has been around for quite a while, bringing freelancers and job opportunities together in one platform. There’s more of an opportunity to actually own stock in Fiverr and we’ve got some of the pros and cons to help you decide if Fiverr is a good stock buy now, or if you might have missed the boat.

All You Need to Know About the Boeing Starliner Mission

The space economy is heating up, and the Boeing Starliner is a critical component of this new space era – but what is the Boeing Starliner Project all about, and what role does it play in the new space era? More importantly, with all of the innovation and near-future plans, it might be a good time to look at Boeing for an option in your investment portfolio as we wait for Boeing to deliver on their Starliner missions to space.

CalAmp is a Compelling Stock to Invest In

We’ve got our eye on an interesting technology stock that you might want to consider for your investment portfolio. Laying out some of the reasons to keep an eye on it, we highlight CalAmp (NASDAQ:CAMP) as a stock of interest to investigate further.

Should You Buy Real Real Stock

That’s not a stutter. The Real Real stock is one asset that’s been on the decline. Investors may also feel a little skittish on the company because on the 8th of January, the CEO, Julie Wainright, sold more than 70,000 shares of Real Real stock. That bit of news usually doesn’t offer confidence in a company’s future. Does this mean the company is in decline or restructure? Might this be a good time to buy Real Real stock?

YieldStreet Partners with Citi

The popular digital wealth management platform, YieldStreet, announced that it would be entering a partnership with Citi. This partnership is strategic as it allows YieldStreet to connect with Citi’s investment opportunities in telecommunications, shipping, aviation, and real estate.


What is DeFiZap?

People are turning their attention to the new buzzword, “DeFi” or Decentralized Finance in a chase to innovate financial instruments for the next generation of money and banking. We predict that 2020 will see fierce competition in development in this field and DeFiZap gets a highlight this week. What is DeFiZap? Read more at Crypto, Trader, News.


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