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Who Is Anthony Pompliano?

by Alan Daniel
Who Is Anthony Pompliano?

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, an investor, and an entrepreneur. He is known for his many tweets, his newsletter, his podcast “Off the Chain” and for his blog “Pomp Logic”.

But where did he come from?

What is his story?

Let’s find out.

Anthony Pompliano Early Life

Anthony Pompliano III is of Italian descent and is a brother to his siblings and a son to father, Tony Pompliano, a technology executive of various companies such as P4 and Anexio.

The cryptocurrency entrepreneur went to Cardinal Gibbons High School, and he would graduate from Cardinal Gibbons and go to Bucknell University. He joined the football team at Bucknell University, studied economics and sociology, and would leave Bucknell shortly to enter the military.

Military Life

Anthony Pompliano III would later join the U.S. Army and serve as sergeant from early 2006 to late 2012. Pompliano was involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The military conflict in Iraq started in 2003 and would decimate the authoritarian regime led by Saddam Hussein. Pompliano had first-hand experience within the battle and would achieve the honor of being a Distinguished Leader Graduate of the Warrior Leader as well as the Commandant’s List Graduate of Infantry Leadership School.

His military career would serve as a strong foundation for later endeavors helping him move forward in his private sector and professional life.

He would learn discipline, strategy, the value of hard work, and how to be results-driven during his time in the military.

Professional Life in the Private Sector

Pompliano would leave the army and shortly re- enter, graduate from Bucknell University, found a company called the Community Corkboard, sell it before moving forward in the private sector. He would continue in the private sector by deploying his own company in Raleigh, an entity called Digaforce, which would serve as a social media intelligence tool to help assist data enthusiasts in their social media endeavors.

Digaforce, describes itself as conducting “social intelligence created through identity stitching to reveal psychometric and demographic data.” Pompliano used his military expertise, knowledge, and different practices to inspire him in this useful tool.

The company was co-created with Matt Cotter in December 2012, and would be acquired about a year later by Joan Myers and a firm called Strategic Link Partners. Anthony Pompliano learned much in 2013, fostered different relationships with strategic partners, and was able to finalize the sale of his company within a short timeframe. He made a strategic decision to “join forces” with Strategic Link Partners because they would have the right synergies. In effect, they would work better as a single unit rather than as separate entities.

DigaForce was surrounded by vital and critical people such as friends and advisors who would help to push the company forward. The Triangle startup community would also be a crucial force in the DigaForce journey to success.

He noted to WRALTech “everything about entrepreneurship is hard. People who get hung up on funding are doomed from the beginning. If you have a compelling value proposition, investors will open their checkbooks. Not being funded is not an excuse for failing.”

DigaForce would serve as another building block in Anthony Pompliano’s life as an entrepreneur, a marketer, a business builder, and a community member.

Pompliano would leverage his background, knowledge, and expertise across various aspects to join the social media giant, Facebook, in 2014. Anthony would serve a critical role in an organization that prides itself on moving fast and breaking things. He would serve as a leader in the Growth and Engagement team in the Facebook Pages division. The restless founder wouldn’t stay here for too long. Snapchat came calling, and he went to join the high flying Silicon Valley startup.

Snapchat was the next stepping stone. Pompliano would join the Growth Team at Snapchat in August 2015 and contribute and gain substantial value in this part of his journey in the technological realm. He saw different components at the budding social media firm that didn’t sit well with him, and so he had to move on.

Full Tilt Capital
He co-founded Full Tilt Capital with Jason Williams and would now transition into the investment sector by using his knowledge and expertise to allocate capital to various investments. Pompliano and is partner Williams founded the firm in August 2016 and would invest in more than 20 deals in the first six months of the firm.

Morgan Creek Digital Assets
Pompliano would see significant value in bitcoin and the blockchain and would become an investor, thought leader, and regular talk show host within the cryptocurrency sector. He’s a partner of the Morgan Creek Digital Asset Fund and continues to be a key figure within cryptocurrency.

Morgan Creek Capital Management seeks to blaze a trail in the digital asset sector by working with Bitwise Asset Management to provide critical tools and digital asset exposure for institutional clients such as endowments and family offices. The firm put forth the Digital Asset Index Fund, which relates to the most significant digital assets within the cryptocurrency sector.

Pompliano is also betting bit on bitcoin, reportedly, he has at least 50% of his entire networth in the leading digital asset that is bitcoin.

Blogging on Startups

You can read more about his time in the startup world over at his blog “Pomp Logic” and read his regular tweets. You can also follow along with his latest interviews among prominent people within the cryptocurrency and general startup sector on Off the Chain.

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