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5 Stocks You Should Buy in 2020

by Tony Lewis

Here are 5 stocks that must be in your buy list this year.

Now… Keep in mind… Stocks are at an all time high. Nobody knows how long this bull-market is going to last for. But, even when the bears kick in, if there’s something that we’re certain (and we can’t say this about crypto unfortunately, at least not yet) is that holding stocks has always been profitable from a long-term perspective. And hey, just because stock prices may drop in the near future that doesn’t mean you can’t keep making money off your portfolio. I only buy stocks that payout dividends.

With that said, let’s jump right into it.

The Walt Disney Co. (DIS)

Back in August I wrote an article in my blog emphasizing how crucial it was for investors to stock up on Disney stocks. The reason being Disney Plus was going to be launching and Disney is about to increase its revenue/year by the millions.

This still applies today. Earnings for Q1 haven’t been announced yet, and the moment they do you can expect Disney’s stock to sky-rise. This will apply through Q2 as well since Disney Plus has only launched in the U.S. and Canada. The moment it becomes available in other parts of the world Disney’s pie is only going to get tastier and tastier.

AT&T (T)

Okay so here’s the thing… Most people hate AT&T’s stock because of the massive Triple B debt that AT&T carries behinds it back. The truth is, it’s somewhat concerning. But I still feel like AT&T’s stock is worth holding (at somewhat of a risk) in your portfolio for a variety of reasons.

  • Its dividend. AT&T has a 5.353 dividend yield at the time of publication. This is a very nice return on your investment.
  • Its asset portfolio. AT&T owns Time Warner and HBO. HBO Max will be launching this year to try to compete with Netflix and Disney Plus. Something tells me Game of Thrones content alone will get them quite a big amount of subscribers.
  • History. AT&T is the oldest telecommunications company in the nation. I respect the brand and I respect the current management board. While it would be foolish to hold a stock for this reason alone, it still adds on somewhat of added value to its stock.

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Walmart (WMT)

In today’s stock market conditions, Walmart’s stock is on sale. There is no reason why Walmart’s stock shouldn’t be valued as high as McDonald’s, if not more. While they don’t pay a crazy dividend, they are one of the few companies that have been increasing it for the past 50 years. Even through the darkest of recessions.

Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft’s main sources of revenue could be split into three main categories.

  • Windows & Office (Surface tablets, Excel, Android devices…)
  • Server and Tools (Windows Server, Bing, MSN…)
  • Entertainment Platforms (Xbox, Windows Phone)

This year is going to be big for Microsoft with the launching of its recently announced Xbox Series X.

Their dividend could be better but something tells me we’re in to see Microsoft stock climb in price.

McDonald’s (MCD)

Like I previously said, the bulls have been out for a very long time now and we could see ourselves bumping into a recession anytime soon now. For that very same reason, it doesn’t hurt to hold stocks that typically perform well during financial crisis.

McDonald’s is, for obvious reasons, one of these stocks. Use it as leverage in case we run into bad times!

If you want an easy place to buy stocks, I recommend you to use Robinhood. It’s free and won’t take you long to get started.

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