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Bitcoin Price, Altcoin Season, and Stocks

by Alan Daniel
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The Bitcoin price today is $8,800.08.

There’s big Bitcoin momentum, and as we all see, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency assets are following suit.

The Bitcoin Price and Altcoin Season

Is it altcoin season yet? I think it is everything season, at least for a little while. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and even variations of Bitcoin are up. Those who had the mind to buy the XRP dip and other currencies in December saw a little price appreciation.

But I don’t know if it is cause for celebration.

Why is it going up?

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Has anything fundamentally changed? Sure. For Bitcoin, Ethereum, and maybe for Chainlink and the Brave browser, in addition to other projects that have traction and regular use.

Elsewhere, it is a mixed bag.

Take for instance, EOS, the platform decided not move forward with launching their Voice application on EOS. The Telegram coin still needs support from different exchanges. Further, the prominent stablecoin project, Libra is trucking slowly but surely.

Novogratz, the founder of Galaxy Digital Holdings, even reiterated this idea in a tweet recently, wondering what changed within the market.

Is this the type of activity and frenzy we will see before the Bitcoin halving?

Is the Bitcoin halving really not priced in?

Let’s also take a look at what is happening in the fiat world.

The Bitcoin Price and Stocks

This past week was a positive one for stockholders of technology companies and other momentum companies. Your favorite tech companies such as Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, and others are going up even if it may not make as much sense. Stocks have been strong for a while, even if much of the gains are concentrated in technology stocks with fast growing companies like Pinterest, cloud companies, and those who cater to that sector.

Surprisingly, the Bitcoin market and fiat markets are up in tandem to start the year and we’re living in a time when other analysts also note how stocks are way ahead of earnings. Some have even taken a bold stance and commented how stocks “appear detached from reality” according to CNBC.

What am I doing in these times of frenzy, adding to specific positions in growing companies while also buying Bitcoin.

I’m not as focused on timing the market and buying and selling as that will take more time and knowledge to obtain the right gains.

Bitcoin and Meaningful Impact

What I keep thinking about is real crypto and blockchain projects that will have meaningful impact by the end of this year. Which projects are you watching this year and why? How do you think that they can become the next Amazon, Google, or Apple of the coming decade?

The price can go up and down (hopefully heading in the right direction) but we’ll measure real growth in cryptocurrency by understanding how it improves aspects of life.

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