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Fidelity To Provide Institutional Trading Shortly

by Alan Daniel

Fidelity Moves Forward With Crypto Initiative
Fidelity will continue to invest in the future of digital assets with its foray into the cryptocurrency sector. Fidelity Investments has grown their blockchain and cryptocurrency division to lay down the foundation for services such as a bitcoin custody service. The financial services firm pressed forward with the latest component of its cryptocurrency services by providing trading services for its institutional investors.

Fidelity and Institutional Solutions
Fidelity Digital Assets, with its growing division, will provide “enterprise-grade custody and execution services for institutional investors”. The firm is laying down the blueprint for its vision of a tokenized and blockchain based future for a myriad of assets. Fidelity Digital assets seek to bring more credibility to the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain sector by providing an established presence and a secure enterprise-grade platform for the future of digital assets.

From custody to asset servicing to customer support, Fidelity Digital Assets aims to provide an amazing experience its customers. Security and customer service are two aspects that will be of critical value to asset managers as they enter the new space and seek to minimize the risk of loss.

Fidelity Is Not New To The Digital Asset Sector
Fidelity may be stepping into the cryptocurrency sector in a more official manner now, but it has been involved in the sector since 2015 or earlier. Employees within the firm kept an eye on the digital asset segment for more than 6 years and have watched it secure. In addition to watching the evolution of the emerging asset class, teams within the firm have also been active by conducting activities such as mining bitcoin and ether. As such, it shows that the firm has been actively involved.

According to Quartzone of Fidelity’s projects is mining bitcoin and ethereum, which Johnson said was started for educational purposes, but now turns a tidy profit. “We set up a small bitcoin and ethereum mining operation…that miraculously now is actually making a lot of money,” she said.

An Established Entity
The firm, formerly known as Fidelity Management and Research is an established name in the field of finance. The multinational services company based in Boston has become a prominent firm within the asset management sector. The corporation has more than $2 trillion in assets that they manage and allocate on a regular basis. The firm provides services to more than 30 million individual investors, facilitates trading for more than 27 million brokerage accounts and sees trades in excess of 600,000 on a regular basis.

Fidelity furthers its cryptocurrency initiatives by bringing on key digital asset talent from other companies such as Barclays.

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