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Top 5 Coins We’re Buying Right Now

by Alan Daniel


Bitcoin birthed the system. If you are dabbling in the cryptocurrency sector, bitcoin would be one coin to buy. Bitcoin gives you access to the digital asset ecosystem and helps you to have concrete exposure to the digital asset sector.

The digital bearer asset has also proven to be an investment that is not a Ponzi scheme and continues to serve as the leading digital asset. One can invest in bitcoin in large quantities or in smaller portions through initiatives such as #stackinsats via the Cash App.

The leading digital asset will experience volatility going into the future and will have prime opportunities for day and swing trading.


The decentralized computing platform still has a strong core community with companies such as Consensys that continue to contribute and further the network.

Network members such as the Sablier application allow for individuals to tap into continuous payments on Ethereum, allowing for salary distributions in a decentralized manner.

There are a wide variety of use cases that are yet to be unlocked on the Ethereum platform and it is still one of the most known projects within the cryptocurrency sector. Ethereum may quite possibly have the lead in relationships with the enterprise community which may give it an additional advantage.

Corporations, banks, and others are also building on top or issuing assets through the Ethereum blockchain.

Ripple – XRP

While the coin may be hated by many, with a large percentage of the crypto community stating comments such as the fact that it is deeply centralized and overvalued, those who believe in XRP, really believe in the digital asset.

Indeed, there are those that make comments such as this one “$XRP is a useless token that the Ripple company created to sell and get rich. People who invest in $XRP for the long term are idiots. The only reason the token would pump is because the actual company (which you’re not investing in) does well, it’ll go to 0” that would ruffle the feathers of many an XRP holder.

XRP is currently at $0.44 and may rise further due to brand awareness and the strength of its community.


The BNB token has real utility for traders. The BNB token follows a burn schedule and is issued by a trustworthy, largely popular and transparent exchange that is expected to last through the next bull and bear markets.

The exchange should also be a leader in initial exchange offerings, thus, increasing trader appetite for the BNB token.

At the same time, the Binance token has experienced a price run-up over the first half of the year, the future trading may already be priced in.


Block.one and EOS and its developer community continue to conduct events, raise awareness, and build products that might draw an audience. EOS has trended up over the past month and is currently in a slight correction.

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