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What Cryptopreneurs Can Learn From Amazon Care

by Alan Daniel
, What Cryptopreneurs Can Learn From Amazon Care

Amazon looks at what matters to the customer and its employees, it then spends a great deal of time in how it approaches and solves the problem, adding convenience and efficiency to the life of the end user.

What’s Amazon’s latest venture?

Amazon Care, a virtual medical clinic for employees.

Why is this important?

Healthcare is a pressing problem.

Costs are out of control.

Insurance is complex.

Life is short.

The “everything store” is focusing on another massive problem and seeking to improve it.

What can crypto entrepreneurs hope to gain from learning about this latest venture? They should be finding and solving existing problems instead of creating solutions and then finding a niche that might need the answer.

Amazon Care

Amazon Care, a virtual medical clinic for employees, is undoubtedly a big deal. The recent move shows that the company is still finding ways to add value and stick with its storied “Day 1” mentality. This virtual primary care clinic will provide employees with the choice of having healthcare workers to visit them within their homes. The program should be a mixture of traditional care and new modes of attention. The Seattle based giant is rolling out the applications to employees within its local region.

Benefits of Amazon Care
Amazon Care notes that its end users will not have to “wait for high-quality virtual care” and also notes that employees are entitled to “in-person visits in their residence or at their workplaces.” Finally, an additional benefit is that employees can receive medications delivered right to their homes.

Additionally, the website notes that individuals can connect to healthcare practitioners via an in-app video feature, where employees can find counseling, treatment, and doctors who can help. Instant access to healthcare workers, such as qualified nurses allows employees to connect when on the go and still solve their healthcare problems. In-person care will enable employees to follow up in person with an appropriate healthcare worker (at their home or office setting). Further, a simplified pharmacy process improves the medication experience for Amazon employees.

A Potential Healthcare Leap?

Everyone surely knows that healthcare is a significant and pressing problem within the United States today. Healthcare costs are prohibitive (as evidenced by the increase in healthcare Gofundme’s), access to healthcare might be difficult, and it might be an inconvenient process overall.

Amazon is bringing about further growth in telemedicine with this type of employee program.

Remember that this isn’t Amazon’s first foray into the healthcare sector. The entity is one of the few key companies working with Warren Buffett and J.P. Morgan to improve the healthcare experience. The partnership was announced last year, and this is one of the first instances of further progress on the healthcare front for the company.

We also know that Amazon acquired several healthcare companies last year, that focuses on pharmaceuticals and healthcare information.

Crypto Entrepreneurs and Amazon Care Learnings

The first lesson is to partner with others to minimize risk. Amazon started in the healthcare industry by making acquisitions of companies such as PillPack and others. It also partnered with Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan to collectively tackle healthcare challenges for their employees.

The second lesson is to focus on what matters to the end-user. Healthcare in the United States, in its current form, is inconvenient and centered around the healthcare industry, not the patient (the customer). Amazon focuses on the end-user (the potential patient) by bringing services to them in a convenient manner.

The third lesson is that Amazon Care, if successful, would solve a pressing pain point for its employees.

Crypto projects can learn how to focus on specific problems that a group of individuals faces and then build to improve their user experience. Meet the user where they are at today and move forward with them to where you think the future is going to be.

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