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Crypto Kaiju Bring Crypto Kitties to Real Life

by Alan Daniel
Crypto Kaiju Bring Crypto Kitties to Real Life
CryptoKaiju shows that the blockchain is not just in our imagination or something that is merely intangible. It is not only in our devices but in our toys as well. Thanks to CryptoKaiju, a brand that has been around since 2018, individuals may now purchase tangible vinyl goods on the blockchain.

These physical CryptoKaiju goods are in line with the utility of the blockchain.


The brand does so by proving the authenticity of these designer crypto collectibles.

CryptoKaiju brings about the further value and use cases of the blockchain.

The brand, CryptoKaiju may be thought of as an innovative company.


It is a blockchain native brand.

By placing its vinyl goods on the blockchain, making it fully traceable on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoKaiju becomes a part of the Ethereum ecosystem, contributing to it in a meaningful way.

CryptoKaiju helps to evolve the nature of non-fungible tokens, which is a unique type of cryptographic token, exclusively tied to a specific good whether it be virtual or physical.

But CryptoKaiju already deployed several lines of its vinyl kaiju toys in the past, so what’s new?

Its next line of CryptoKaiju vinyl toys.

CryptoKaiju Releases Latest Line of Blockchain Backed Crypto Kitty Toys

The UK-based blockchain start-up isn't simply resting on its laurels of being the "world's first art toys fully traceable on a public blockchain.“

Instead, it is launching its next generation of CryptoKaiju toys. The third generation of CryptoKaiju vinyl toys will pay homage to the widely received Ethereum game, CryptoKitties.

In yet another Ethereum collaboration, individuals will be able to satiate their need for ETH based art. 

You can have your CryptoKitties on the Ethereum blockchain, and now you can have it on your desk, your nightstand, or wherever else you'd like to keep it.


By using "tamper-resistant NFC (Near Field Communication) labels attached to the base of the toy which contains unique serial numbers that are also present in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token)" CryptoKaiju bridges the virtual to the physical.

These 7.5 "vinyl toys will launch in conjunction with the Dapper Lab's Nifty License.

Real-life CryptoKaiju crypto kitties will be another example of the creative connections and possibilities in the Ethereum sector.

CryptoKaiju Kitties Available Starting Today

Crypto collectible enthusiasts can purchase one today.

Interested individuals should be able to receive:
  • 7.5" vinyl toy
  • Ethereum blockchain provenance
  • Crypto Kitty Aesthetic
  • Crypto Kitty NFT
Pre-sales for the CryptoKaiju kitties begin today.

“We strive to keep every new batch of Kaiju fresh, adding something different each time to add value for our amazing community” commented Oliver Carding, a founder of BlockRocket, the company behind CryptoKaiju.

CryptoKaiju kitties is just one way of increasing the use of the blockchain in every day life, in commerce, art, and play.

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