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Nuro: The Autonomous Robot That’s Delivering

by Alan Daniel
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You might be wondering… What is Nuro?
Chances are that you’ve already seen a growing number of commercials with robot interactions and deliveries. Nuro is the trending autonomous robot that everyone is talking about.

Imagine this.

You are expecting a delivery and an autonomous robot shows up to your house. It politely offers you the goods you’ve ordered then bids farewell as it wheels itself to the next house.

Remember Rosie from the Jetsons? That future is fast becoming reality. That’s right! The new niche in tech is robots that deliver to you.

How cool is that?

Nuro is a self driving robot company that recently received $92 million in their Series A funding. They’ve went ahead and raised about $940 million from Softbank to power the future, autonomously.

The autonomous robot company aims to change the way people view the local commerce industry. Everything that you may need, that is around the block or a few blocks away, Nuro can get it for you.

The autonomous robot company focuses on convenience and making grocery delivery simple and accessible.

Where Did It Start?

Nuro was founded by Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson, former Google engineers. In 2016, they resigned from Google to fully devote all of their attention to their growing startup, Nuro.

Dave Ferguson talked about coming up with the idea because he wanted something that would impact the way people do small routine things. Nuro is a machine that runs errands for you, and that in itself will change the way companies interact with their customers.

In a market with more emerging automotive services of delivering such as Starship, Piaggio Fast Forward, and Tesla’s autonomous semi trucks, what makes Nuro so unique?

According to the people who have helped design it, everything.

What Gives Nuro an Edge?

What’s even more interesting is that of the way that the Nuro vehicle is built.

Nuro is a custom product created to be lightweight, narrow yet spacious, and it has been tested on private roads. Further, the autonomous vehicle is electric, battery powered and is designed to last for a full day.

The cameras on the vehicle are both LIDAR and RADAR to give the robot full awareness of its surroundings,. Remember that people may view Nuro as just another sidewalk robot, but there’s much more to this technology.

Nuro’s incredible integration through software and hardware is what makes it so impactful.

Currently Nuro’s R1 model is operating on the roads with full autonomy.

Partnerships abound with Nuro

Partnership with Walmart

Walmart recently announced a partnership Nuro with a pilot in Houston to deliver groceries. During its announcement Walmart called the decision a roadmap to the future.

Partnership with Dominos

Walmart is not the only one who has signed on with Nuro.

Dominos Pizza has also partnered with Nuro to deliver in Houston, Texas.

During the partnership, Nuro announced that the goal for the company was to perfect the customer experience like Dominos offers when delivering pizzas. With a hyper efficient supply chain and logistics infrastructure, Dominos is not kidding when it talks about delivering hot pizza on time. The technology oriented pizza company takes customer service seriously.

Having Nuro on board has only made it more productive in deliveries in the Houston area.

What do you think about Nuro and this new phase of robot technology?

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