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tZero Deploys Android Trading App

by Alan Daniel
, tZero Deploys Android Trading App

tZero users who have been waiting for the android version of the tZero crypto trading app can now access it via the Google Play store. The android should be familiar and similar to the recently deployed iOS version.

Find the tZero application on the Google Play Store under the finance category.

tZero Android Release

The android version of the tZero cryptocurrency app will serve as an “easy and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies” according their website. The tZero android crypto application will allow interested users with the ability to purchase and divest the prominent blue chip digital assets bitcoin and ethereum.

The tZero android application should be safe, compliant and simple.

tZero Crypto Application Safety

Users may store their bitcoin and ethereum on their mobile devices and have access to quick key recovery.

tZero ComplianCe

tZero aims to be complaint throughout its entire range of products. This includes its innovative blockchain settlement platform, its issuance of security tokens and tZero cryptocurrency app for the general cryptocurrency trader.

As such, tZero will only host the two leading and cryptocurrencies by market-capitalization and other factors.

tZero Simplicity

The tZero application should be simple and easy to use and comment seem to bolster this view. Comments on the tZero application range from the simplicity in set up to “moving over from Coinbase” to one comment stating an “infinite loop of doom”.

Users should expect ease of use and minimal fees.

tZero Initial Foundations and Future Plans

tZero will initially only add support for bitcoin and ethereum while adding more as the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector progresses further.

“We are excited to bring our platform to Android users, which we believe will significantly expand our user-base. The accessibility of the tZERO Crypto App is critical in our plan to provide an intuitive trading experience for all digital assets.”

Indeed, this does seem to be part of an overall holistic plan to be a key part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. tZero is already one of the few players in the nascent security tokens sector and now has a component for the everyday cryptocurrency user with its android and iOS crypto application.

A Bumpy tZero Android Release

The tZero Crypto on Google Play was available for download at one point and then it wasn’t for a short period of time. Even so, the application has 4.8 stars from 25 reviews, with 100+ downloads.

tZero Crypto app downloads are off to a slow start but should pick up if the app can provide a better user experience to the current and future cryto userbase.

Noursalehi, the CEO of tZero has tweeted that marketing initiatives will “ramp up with the launch of our crypto app, tZero tokens being tradable by non-accredited investors (aiming for August), and the approval of our own retail broker”.

It will be interesting to see the rate of adoption for the tZero Crypto App as security tokens are still lagging.

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